Jam Today: Monday, September 18th, 2017

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Media: Rolling Stone For Sale: Rolling Stone lost it when they missed punk rock and have played catch up ever since. BUT, Jann Wenner’s achievement in maintaining a music magazine for over 50 years is too great to be ridiculed. Trust me, it sure ain’t easy. I’d hope he’d have saved it for the kids but he just put it up for sale.

The Meadows: I missed it on Saturday but watched it on Tidal and the VIP section was as crowded as the GA. It is just a poorly chosen area (the parking lot at Citi Field)  for a big time music festival. All concrete and stampeding fans. Jay Z was a huge disappointment, he is the least likely woke man in the world and it is hurting his skills, though the man is possibly the third greatest rapper in the world today (Grade:B), Gorillaz’s Damon Albarn is such a born again sad sack, the show reminded me of his solo stuff (Grade: C+)

Sports: Bad loss for the Yanks after Orioles intentional walk works. There was a moment during the Jets versus Raiders near the end of the first half, 10 – 14 Raiders, where the Jets had stopped Oakland  cold on a three and out and had possession of the ball and then the Special Teams messed up the catch and the Jets turned it over and it was 10 -21 at the end of the half and that was that.

New Music: Not much of an album week but songs by Big & Rich, Rostam, Angus And Julia Stone, Rostam, Rayna and more made up for it.

Old Music: A bit of a Beatles jag along with a little of  a Madonna jag. Very pleased Prince’s last album isn’t a dog, for McCartney, The Fireman coming up next and for Presley Today.

Television: What happened to “Westworld”?


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