Jam Today: Monday, September 25th, 2017

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POTUS: There are four possibilities, 1 – Trump is senile, 2 – Trump is the greatest politician of all time, or 3 -Trump has stopped trying to play to the country and is playing solely to his base, and 4 – He just doesn’t care. Pick your poison but the man sees no difference between calling out Colin Kaepernick and Kim Jong-un. What he doesn’t understand is that not only will North Korea go nuclear but it was also going to go nuclear, all you can do is slow it down. The same goes with Iran. Meanwhile, Stevie Wonder took two knees at Global Citizen. Trump is like a man at 3am in the morning, drunk and messed up on coke, calling his exes husband, to tell him he is a bastard and he is still in love with his ex. Except, the drunk wakes up in the morning and regrets it.

Concerts: I blew off Global Citizen on Saturday to take on Brian Wilson at Radio City Music Hall. Not my worst decision ever. This week and next are insanely busy with gigs. Tuesday Chance The Rapper, Thursday Harry Styles, Friday Ed Sheeran, and Saturday Marilyn Manson. The week of October 2nd is insane, not only the Yankees but also MONDO.NYC 2017 (from the guys who brought you CMJ)  but (deep breath): Paramore, Katy Perry, Tedeshi Trucks, Laura Marling, Wonder Years , Tomas Doncker, and take it one more day and you have Kesha.

New Music: The new Van Morrison blues album is killer and the keeper of the week (Grade: B+).

Old Music: Obviously, a whole lotta setlists, plus I am getting ready to tackle The Fireman, which I like more than I thought I would.

Sports: The Yanks lost yesterday, so the wildcard it is. The Giants are down 0 – 3 tio start the year and the Jets actually won one,  who would have thought the Jets would have the better record? Put them together and you are looking at 1 – 5.


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