Jam Today: Saturday, April 7th, 2018

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Television: When did David Letterman become an obsequious asshole? Obviously, the asshole part is no surprise, Cher called him out decades ago, but obsequious? The thing about Letterman is that he is a bully and a now he is a bully and a suck up and his Netflix series “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction…” has been terrible. Except the new one, with Jay Z, isn’t terrible at all. That’s not because David knows what he is talking about (all Dave knows to do is count Grammys) but because Hov takes you from Grams to Grammys, comparing his years selling crack at the Marcy Projects to a paper route and offering an astounding figure: at sixteen he was netting $2K A DAY selling drugs. Watch the legendary rapper  on Snoop and Eminem at the end of the post.

POTUS: I can usually see some small sense to Trump, but I don’t get why he is going after the USA’s biggest creditor and I have no idea why he threw DACA to the wolves despite the Dems agreeing to fund $25B for his dreaded wall if he found the Dreamers a road to citizenship. And why is he the only person in the world flipping out over Transgender people in the military? Literally, no one else on the planet cares.

Russia: Obama kept the US out of Syria and Russia went all in and are now stuck there with nothing to show for it, propping up the loathsome and lousy Bashar Al Assad… Hafez may have been a monster but at least he managed the country.

New Music: You and I know one thing, that new Cardi B is a great album, if it has a problem it is that Invasion Of Privacy doesn’t have a center of gravity, it functions as a series of great singles instead of a steady vision. It is still Grade: A. If I was a betting man, I’d bet the Weeknd and Cardi B are gonna be ruling the charts for months to come.

Old Music: I am getting around to McCartney’s Twin Freaks finally, and I love it. A prescient remix album from 2005. Still working on  Grade but I figure between “B” and “B+”

Sports: The Yanks, after starting the season 2 – 0 are at 4 – 4, they lost yesterday in 14 innings to the Orioles, proof as to how much the new book of rules for managers works. The Mets just creamed the Nations and are at 5 – 1

Saudi: Is entering the TWENTIETH CENTURY!



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