Jam Today: Saturday, December 16th, 2017

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Movies: I bought the St. Trinian’s DVD set, all great, pervy for their mid-50s time, masterpieces of comedy. Alistair Sim, gone but never forgotten in the first and the best. Margaret Rutherford was meant to be the Headmistress of the all girl school, Sim meant to be her brother, when Rutherford dropped out Sim performed both roles and as anything but high camp, he seriously performed a woman’s role as though he was a woman. As for the girls… well, one is married…

New Music: Working my way through the new releases before the music industry fades to black for a month, with only the dreams of a Beyonce or M.I.A.  surprise drops of old to keep us warm. I do think I overestimated two releases, U2 and Eminem. U2 and Eminem have worked their same ways downward, from A- to B. I listened to Eminem for two days before deciding it was a terrific album, put it at # 9 in my top 21 albums of the year, and then I got tired of it. U2 was more like absolute relief that I didn’t have to insult the band for days on end that caused me to overreact. I am still not sure how good U2 is -I may have to listen again except I don’t have the time. Speaking of time, the best thing about 2017 is also the worst thing about 2017: there isn’t enough time to listen to everything. “Believe” is a pretty good song -maybe he is too self-referential? There is a new Thelonious Monk album from his mid-50s albums and it is great. Thelonious Monk – The Complete Prestige 10-Inch LP Collection. That and the the Five Satins 50 Best are so good, I don’t know how to stop listening and give Boosie Badazz the time he deserves…

Old Music: I’ve also been rifling through Cliff Richard’s back pages. I haven’t taken a serious look at Curtis Mayfield, but as far as Macca goes… the third Fireman album is Macca’s best of the three… also Working Classical is his best classical album and Run Devil Run, a sort of counterpoint to WC, is his best solo album… or close to it… that’s three immediately after the loss of Linda, I didn’t really notice it at the time but mourning gave him an artistic resurgence.

Concerts: Marla Mase today, Billy Joel’s annual Christmas concert Wednesday, LCD Soundsystem on Friday and on Saturday I am taking my four year old Great-Nephew, James, to Sponge Bob on Broadway. . The following week, Phish on the Friday, The Pointer Sisters on the Saturday and I am not going out on New Year’s Eve because I can’t find anything I want to see.

Sports: I am seeing the Knicks on Christmas Day next week and Kristaps Porzingis is day-to-day but should be fine in time.

Fiction: I am working on my third short story of the year, the first was about a child’s death, the second a date went wrong and this one is about terrorism. It is called “The No Fly List”. I’ve already started the writing and there is a difficulty, I am writing from a woman’s perspective in the first person singular, as she speaks to her lover… there is a reveal and it is very tricky to write.

#metoo – That men can be shitty to women goes without saying, but the push me pull you between the sexes is not what Dustin Hoffman exposing himself to a sixteen year old girl is. This may all be a learning curve for men to a degree, but that is not to say the actions of men in power is a precise indictment of the male sex. Exposing yourself to underage girls is criminal behavior, it isn’t sexual dynamics redux. The problem is, that while many men can certainly respond that they don’t do that, what do they, in fact, do?


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