Jam Today: Saturday, February 17th, 2018

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Ad: It is rare indeed for Bob Dylan to allow a song of his to be used for a commercial, I think the last one was Victoria Secrets. But his decision to have “Blowing In The Wind” in a UK two and a half minute one is worth noting. It is in aid of “The Co-Operative,” as detailed on their website: “A co-operative (co-op) is a different kind of business. Our Co-op is owned by individual members and other co-ops, not big investors, and our members get a chance to have a say in how we’re run. Profits mean members receive money, rewards and offers and a co-op can support its local community.”. The commercial (as seen below) is a picturesque daydream of ethical business practises…

Another Day, Another Bimbo: So Ronan Farrow has scouted another woman, this one former  Playboy bunny Karen McDougal, who found god but, reading a little between the lines, fucked Donald Trump in return for a mansion ten years ago before that. Not to paint all former Playboy models with the same airbrush, but a certain amount of these women appear to have been just below actresses about to break big extremely high end escorts… As for Trump, yes folks, unless, as the liberal press claims, his adulterous escort serviced lifestyle is having an accumulative effect on women voters, no one cares.

New Music: This week’s best song is Brett Dennen’s “Already Gone,” best release (mixtape to be precise) is Kodak Black’s Heart Break Kodak, best single is probably Frank Ocean’s take on Mancini’s “Moon River”.

Old Music: I expected McCartney’s witless “Freedom” to light the path for a terrible Driving Rain, his Heather Mills album, and the album isn’t great though not as bad as I thought it would be. Driving Rain is to McCartney what Heather Mills is to Linda Eastman. Two huge allbmns from Sinatra and the Impressions are on the horizon.

Broward County Mass Killing: It is worth noting that, as Malcolm Gladwell noted, there is a memes spreading of copycat mass murderers in High Schools throughout the States. While, obviously, guns kill people, part of this is murder by example.

Concerts: I picked up an additional ticket to Bruno Mars in hopes of turning a profit on the secondary market. It didn’t come within a hundred miles of selling out and the high priced seats, the $500+ premiums are available in their hundreds upon hundreds.

DACA: There is no greater condemnation of Trump than his brutal actions against the Dreamers. The Dems need to cut a deal at, more or less, any cost.

Sports: The Knicks and The Rangers: So bad you miss the Giants. The Olympics? Sorry, I missed it…



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