Jam Today: Saturday, September 9th, 2017

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Concerts: If last night’s performance at MSG was, indeed, to be Eric Clapton’s farewell to gigging  at the age of 72 (a touch young, right? BB King was still at it into his 80s), he left us with a strangely humble performance. Essentially, the exact same one as I saw in March (except, yes, folks, that’s “Lay Down Sally”), I went to pay my respects… age really did catch up with him and I heard he has partial paralysis in one of his hands. Still, he paid his dues in a lifetime of the blues.

More Concerts: Depeche Mode tonight, but next week is the motherlode. Monday, Roger Waters, Tuesday, Arcade Fire, Friday, Paul McCartney, Saturday The Meadows… by which I mean Gorillaz.

Old Music: I will be reaching the end of Prince, one more released during his lifetime, two more posthumous releases (a greatest hits and the Deluxe Purple Rain). I am not sure if I want to follow him into the afterlife because a greatest hits is just a greatest hits and the deluxe I’ve written about earlier this year…. I can’t decide, I might wanna do a thorough review of Purple Rain Deluxe. Frank Sinatra next and I am seriously considering a complete go through Curtis Mayfield, once Prince is done I am gonna take a look. For Presley, there is so much action after he died that I might continue.

New Music: Not trying to be mean girl taylor, but if I was her I would hold off on Reputation and dash out some songs that work to her powers. I love both of her songs but there can be little doubt that they aren’t working by any stretch of the language. “…Ready For It” sports a stupid song title (for fuck’s sake, what’s with the ellipses?) but it is another schizophrenic, doing three songs but only one of them well. Speaking’ of wimmin, Mandy Moore’s Little Feat cover, newbies by Angel Haze and Charlotte Gainsbourg, and the Syd EP, are all worth a listen.

Sports: The Yanks will make the playoffs but that’s about it, they need to be winning them all and they remain what they are, a .536 team. They will probably take the wild card elimination and then lose in the first round.

POTUS: Maybe his Presidency has turned the corner, if he can get

the Dreamers legalized through congress it will be a step in the right direction.

Irma: I have many friends in Florida, and why they are not leaving is beyond me. These are upper middle class guys who can easily afford to go to London for a long weekend…

Movies: I thoroughly enjoyed “IT” though I didn’t see the clown as much of an embodiment of evil, anymore than a lion who eats you for lunch is evil. It killed for nourishment, it would die if it didn’t kill. Anyway, better two hours plus with a bunch of fifteen year olds than the ten hours or whatever of “Stranger Things” -I got through two episodes. Grade: B

Death: Don Williams, the country great, dead at 78. Funny how 78 doesn’t feel that old any longer.

NYC: If Obama was President I would vote Republican to rid myself of De Blasio.


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