Jam Today: Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

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Sports: Two cliches and a sob of deepest sorrow as the Astros go to the world series, beating the Yanks in seven. An odd series, they won at home and lost on the road and that was the story. The Yanks couldn’t hit in Houston. The real pain was last night, getting shut down by two mediocre pitchers. Oh, and notice how managers forget the revolving door pitching staff that has inflicted baseball all year, when it matters they wouldn’t do it. Still, Houston have had some year…

More Sports: Is it too late for the Giants? Probably, but they will have to run the tables to stand a chance…  starting today. If The Jets can just win today… As for the Knicks? This already feels like a lost season.

Concerts: Queens Of The Stone Age on Tuesday, back for my Bruce on Friday (I wonder if the second viewing will be the charm?), the following week will include Niall Horan, Kurt and Courtney, and an opera…

New Music: Future dominates Young Thug (not in the sexual sense) on their mixtape, Kelly Clarkson dominates Christmas (not in the sexual sense), and Taylor Swift is dominated by her desires (in the sexual sense). Destroyer’s Ken is a surprisingly strong art-rock alter.

Old Music: The Smiths deluxe version of The Queen Is Dead, is everything a box set should be, the album remastered, B Sides, singles, demos, songs we haven’t heard and a concert to boot, Grade: A

USA: Dark days, indeed. An undocumented 17 year old is not being allowed an abortion. That’s one of those operations that can not wait. “While first-trimester abortion is over 10 times safer than childbirth, the risks gradually increase in the second trimester to those of childbirth,” Dr. Nancy L. Stanwood, the chief of family planning at the Yale School of Medicine, said in an email. Forcing her to wait, she added, “harms her physical health, period.” This is awful and I thought that fight was won in 1973.

POTUS: I can allow that all my differences with Trump, even the White Supremacist stuff, is a question of cultural dissonance (aka:  he doesn’t mean what he says because of the way he says). But not his nuclear holocaust stuff. North Korea will get a nuclear weapon and there is nothing the US or anywhere else can do about, and there never was. If Pakistan and India have nuclear weapons, why shouldn’t North Korea? NK has every reason to be terrified of the USA. If Trump thinks that the answer to nuclear weapons is a nuclear war, as opposed to mutually assured destruction, he is a dangerous lunatic.

Theatre: The upcoming season is a goodie, and sure Harry Potter And The Cursed Child is the one to beat (with the original West End Cast, who were excellent when I saw em last year), there are some great revivals. The late great Edward Albee, which I saw with one of my favorite actresses, Marian Seldes. I was once on the subway and I noticed some woman having a long conversation with her, at first I thought just another crazy but on closer examination it was Seldes conning her lines. Denzel Washington in “The Iceman Cometh” is huge, as for musicals, “My Fair Lady,” “Carousel,” and, er, “Springsteen On Broadway” which is apparently going to be extended till June 2018, should be biggies.


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