Jam Today: Thursday, August 10th, 2017

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New Music: Around thirty-five years ago, reviewing Mantronix I believe, I noted that when you have bad rock and roll all you have is bad rock and roll, when you have bad disco at least you can dance to it. That comes to mind after listening to Queens Of The Stone Age’s upcoming release, Villains, a first rate hard rock album with a hard back beat via Mark Ronson. Grade: B+

Old Music: If the day goes as planned I hope to review Prince’s sci fi funk rock opera, 2014’s Art Official Age, a fine slice of weirdness from the ever bizarre genius of funk. Grade: B+

POTUS: It sure seems like the shadow government is in full swing, ignoring a President who is stupid enough to give a threat he is incapable of executing. As Tillerson noted, you don’t back NK into a corner with no escape for them except war.

Concerts: Buckingham-Nicks today, Kendra Foster — longtime member of the P-Funk family and cowriter of eight songs on D’Angelo’s Grammy Award–winning 2014 album Black Messiah — is at Hearst Plaza on Friday, 730p, coming up next week is Mike Love’s Beach Boys, the Billboard Awards, and Shelby and kid sister Allisson.

Sports: The Mets are selling off, and so cheaply that despite being offered three prospects by the Yanks, they’d prefer to get all monies owed on a contract. The Yanks are staring longingly at that wild card… The Jets lost their one great defensive player for seems to be a disastrous season in the making and the Giants are hoping Eli Manning has a good year in him.

Books: I’ve been reading Rob Shiefield “On Bowie,” with a mix of extreme pleasure and frustration. Written fast and you can tell it as Rob falls into the tedious habit of using Bowie quotes as part of his reviews, over and over again. An editor, if Rob himself had spent more time working on the book and not rushed himself, would have handled that. But what you lose in one way, you gain in a very pure passion for the great musician. I’ll take that switch up any day. Grade: A-



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