Jam Today: Thursday, July 4th, 2018

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Immigration: The most dangerous immigrants ever were the Europeans who travelled to the new world with weapons much deadlier than the indigenous people’s bows and arrows and slaughtered the lot. They  then turned their attention south, lobbed off a good chunk of Mexico which, luck would have it, included a whole lotta Texas tea. When POTUS refers to Mexicans are vermin it is worth noting that it is the USA that made them so in 1836,  and they made them so by acting like vermin and infesting Texas. Maybe four generations separate us from that war and that is not long enough to forget it.

POTUS: The reason I fear Trump so much is because I am not sure if I am overreacting because his style is such a hectoring, con man bully. Obama expelled more undocumented immigrants than any other President ever, yet his reputation is Teflon clean (wouldn’t it have been sweet if  Letterman had questioned Obama about it?) but Obama I a feel your pain democrat so…  Trump is so insecure he has to consistently tell the world how great he is and appears to be what he more or less is, the scion of a business with ties to the worst elements in the world.

New Music: Justin Timberlake’s just released summer jam “Soulmates” is light years ahead of the execrable “Can’t Stop The Feeling,” his 2016 hit, though neither come close to 2006’s “Summer Love”. A percolating rhythm and a half mast jam where the remix will get you on the dancefloor and keep you there in his song for one night stands everywhere.. Otherwise, sure I am obsessing over the Drake double and sure it has a big problem: it would take days to assimilate it, to figuring out how the 25 songs unite into a whole (or even if they do) and I just don’t have that much time. Best of all, Little Louie Vega’s NYC Disco

Old Music: I have a great Frank Sinatra album, Nice n’ Easy coming up soon, a slightly disappointing Impressions album, The Fabulous Impressions, and a somewhat minor McCartney album, Memory Almost Full.

Sports: When did the Knicks simply stop being part of the conversation? Well, they couldn’t afford Lebron right now anyway, but do you really believe he would make the trip East if they did? The Yanks are a great team who need more pitching, simple as that. Neither the Jets nor the Giants are gonna do a damn thing next season… nor are the Rangers. This may be many things but a golden age for sports isn’t one of them. Football is dangerous and boring, baseball is longwinded and if your team is doing well they  move weekend day to weekend night games, basketball is just the rich getting richer. And try as they might, FIFA can’t sell the USA on soccer.

Live Music: Carrie Underwood, a lovely gal from everything I’ve heard, was too loud yesterday at Pier 17, Radiohead are on the horizon.

Suicide: Growing older I’ve discovered a strange phenomenon, I am getting less scared of death the older I get and something I found unbelievable in my 30s seems acceptable in my 60, suicide. My problem with suicide is that nothing is forever and consciousness is a minor aberration, so there is no point in rushing… yet, would I really feel pain than feel nothing at all? Certainly, suicide is the new lesbianism, people you never thought would do it are doing, and a whole lotta them,

Television: I’ve been working my way through the 00s version of Dr. Who with immense pleasure though I still consider Matt Smith almost perfect in the role as good as David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston (not Peter Capaldi) were almost the equal. I CAN NOT WAIT for Jodi Whittaker as the first female Doctor.


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