Jam Today: Thursday, May 24th, 2018

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Great Writers Die Just Like Us: Two of the greatest writers died recently. The new journalism major brother under the skin to Guy Talese and Truman Capote, Tom Wolfe took an exacting journalistic ethos and added it to the cleanest stylistic style,merging a new version of journalism as literate juggling act. Philip Roth was the great chronicler of Jewish American’s baby boomer assimilation into a country as they transformed from the world’s whipping child to just another fucked up subsect in the sexually dysfunctional USA. It’s the death of the 20th Century.

Concerts: Next week I have Johnny Marr on the horizon, the last time I saw him was at MHOW and I wrote (here): “Marr is a very charming MC for the proceedings, he is not a frontman (that’s probably why it took him decades to decide to take center stage) and an unassuming frontman is like a celibate hooker, it isn’t getting the job done. Now, the guitar playing is so monstrously great, so melodic and tonally swayful, how much can you care? Well, you can care enough.” That was in 2013 and I will be very interested to discover where we stand today. Kendrick Lamar is the other one. I’ve seen him upteen times in the past couple of years but only once, at Governors Ball, did he blow me away so… let’s wait and see.

New Music: 2018 isn’t a bad year but it hasn’t had that one, undeniable smash to define the year (so far). So while you await join me in a steady diet of KYLE, Kevin Gates, Parquet Courts, and Parliament (though, yes, not even yet, am I ready to seriously access Clinton’s latest opus).

Old Music: The next Frank Sinatra is 1957 (a busy year, this was his third release) Where Are You?, his first without Nelson Riddle since Frank signed with Capitol. Here Gordon Jenkins, no slouch himself, arranged and conducted the orchestra and the songs are on the sad side of the swing/sad axis he has been mounting. This is a very very lush album. The Impressions are on hold till Tomas is back from putting the Sink into Helsinki, meanwhile we follow up Paul’s ill considered Fidelity Banking album with another classical music album Ecce Cor Meum.

Jimmy Carter On Trump And North Korea: “I think it would be a worthy and a momentous accomplishment that no previous president has been able to realise.”

Nine Inch Nails: Radio City Music Hall didn’t sell out the Nine Inch Nails/JAMC gog, proving, as Helen Bach noted, 50 year olds tend not to camp out for concerts.


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