Jam Today: Tuesday, August 2nd, 2017

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USA: Back in the late 1970s I was living in Beirut during the middle of a devastating, raging and dangerous civil war, and what I discovered was that fear and uncertainty has its own specific thrill. To this day, I’ve never felt closer to death or more alive, I mention that because the Trump Presidency is very very similar, while part of me is simply horrified, the rest of me can’t stop watching, listening, being dazzled and baffled how a country can take a swan dive off the deep end and bellyflop. Is the Anthony Scaramucci era over already, the Mooch we hardly knew thee. But even with the hotshot five star general Chief Of Staff John Kelly, let’s see how things steady on down. Those of us who have no truck with Trump’s agenda might be a little disappointed if he figures out how to run the country, so far he hasn’t done anything but tweet.

Lael Summer Feldman: The 24 year old soul singer, covered often by rock nyc (here is one), ended her life on Wednesday, July 26th, 2017. I wrote a remembrance on Popdose (here). This is a terrible loss to her family and friends, Tomas Doncker advises me she was working on new material just two weeks ago. Our condolences to Lael’s mother Marla and the entire True Groove family.

Concerts: I was meant to see Blondie and Garbage last night but switched them for Americana folkie prototype Gillian Welch, tonight at the Beacon. Welch came to the world’s attention on T Bone Burnett “O Brother, Where Art Thou” soundtrack, and to my attention at that new folk gig a coupla years ago at Town Hall. This will be my first full concert by the woman. Flash forward to next week and I have Chic and EW&F, Herbie Hancock and Buckingham-McVie on the horizon.

Old Music: I am having problems with Prince’s Hit N Run Phase One -hope to write it today but I might need more time.

New Music – I have Amine’s Good For You in heavy rotation. He should have released “Yellow” as a single.

Sports: Yanks lost and are second place, the Mets are 14.5 games out of first and six games under .500.


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