Jam Today: Tuesday, December 19th, 2017

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Concerts: I got a ticket for Elton John at the Theatre At MSG next January 30th. I caught him in Vegas last February and wrote this: “Elton reclaims his career for a set that plays very well to his greatest skill: that as a past member of the glam rock Hall Of Fame, and he can return to it with the greatest of ease even without a Donald Duck costume”

Death And Taxes: Now on to something very very important, how will the GOP’s rape of the middle class to spoon feed the super-wealthy affect me? My sense is I am not rich enough or poor enough to be really nailed by it, given the new minimum on City and Tax at $10K, I will be hurt a little by that but I will make it up by the raised minimum deductible.

Trump: The question is, where is Trump a normal Republican and where is he borderline insane? The answer is, taxes is the ‘pubs 101 and antagonizing NK and tongueing down with Russia is all Trump. But. The mainstream Washington, DC national press have not been at their best reporting on Trump. It undermines the country the same way (if not nearly as much as) POTUS undermines the country when they consistently misreport. Wishful thinking is not journalistic ethos and Op Ed is for opinions.

Re-Make, Re-Model – I was discussing Marla Mase’s “Miracles: Lost And Found” with one of its creators, and he said that I missed how unique a presentation it was. I agree, I missed that what Marla created (here) is unlike anything ever seen. And I didn’t grade it, because I can’t decide whether it is an B+ or an A-.

I Just Missed One: For some reason, I got Kelela, a unique and brilliant r&b chanteuse, wrong. She takes dance tracks and builds them into songs, and yes, I know, so does everybody else, but she takes real house, real bass  n drums, real club tracks. Her Take Me Down is one of the best albums of the year and it went right over my head. Not as big as my misreading of Lorde and/or Adele, but a big misreading.

Old Music: I am at the eponymous debut album by the Impressions, and very impressed as well, though they make Motown sound rough around the edges. Grade: A-. This has “It’s Alright” on it, the best opening line of a debut album: “Say it’s alright, it’s alright to have a good time…” Can I get an Amen?  The next OBE is Sing and Dance with Frank Sinatra, but it is the one after that, the first produced by Nelson Riddle, that has my attention. Paul McCartney’s masterpiece, Run Devil Run, is bringing up the rear.

New Music: Not much of a week, really. I have been listening to what you expect me to be listening to and refreshing myself on my favorite albums of the year. I really do love that “rock star” remix with Nicky Jam on board (Grade: A)… oh, and “Palace”

Commercial: I am including the terrific commercial(?) for Apple’s excellent “Airbuds” and “Iphone X” Holiday ad. It is a perfect thing, completely beautiful and filled with glory and blue blueness. I disliked the new Sam Smith album but he was so good at Jingle Ball I’m being turned round. Grade: A. Check it out below



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