Jam Today: Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

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Why are these men smiling? because they just wasted an hour of your life


Television: I don’t get it. Why did David Letterman return to talk shows to throw soft ball questions to liberal superstars. His Barack Obama interview was disgraceful, why bother to speak to the man at all if the best you get out of him is that he cried after dropping off his daughter at college, a risible piece of rubbish if ever there was one. I would claim that George Clooney was worse only who gives a fuck about George Clooney -if I wanted to watch grown men blowing each other I’d subscribe to “Blue Boy”. Apparently, the only people Dave is willing to go after is members of the paying public like yours truly with whom he was exceptionally rude to at a Q and A. One more thing: the only thing I want to hear George say about his Aunt Rosemary is that she had more talent in her little finger than he will ever have. 

Movies: Sure, I am far from the Beatrix Potter target audience, but even so if the right emotions are hit I’ll support any ole hair in the marketplace. “Peter Rabbit” is an OK update and when they put their foreheads together to make up after a fight it is very sweet. Grade: B+

New Music: Joan As Police Woman, Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz, Alela Diane, they all left an impression this weekend.

Old Music: I wanted to get started on In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning, but it is like reviewing Sgt. Peppers, there is a lot to say and it has all been said a million times. I was going to write it on Saturday and now it’s Tuesday and I am still in thinking mode. The question of unrequited love is not the same as the question of a break up: the sense of inferiority that infects you during unrequited finds you going from a waking nightmare into a daydream. Sinatra sings those songs, and other songs, here. “Deep On A Dream” is so rare, it is the aural equivalent of a specific emotional malady.

Concerts: The biggie here is Robert Plant at the Beacon Theatre on Wednesday and what else? Bananarama next week and in between? The Beatle (not the real ones) at Carnegie Hall…

The USA: In some ways Trump has done the USA a favor, it has rid once and perhaps for all the USA’s dictum of moral superiority to the world around it. When it comes to the great powers, China and Russia were despotic nightmares while the USA did the unheard of, they conquered the Nazis and returned the countries to their rightful owners. The world forgave the USA everything, even the final solution to the Native Americans. But it is over, Trump is the face of pure, unyielding, American power, and is well on the way to making North Americans the most hated people in the world, while breeding a middle class resentment that has been known to erupt into class wars.

The Olympics: And congratulations to Mike Pence for making North Korea look reasonable.

Art: The EXPOTUS portraits by  Kehinde Wiley, for Mr. Obama’s portrait; Amy Sherald, for Mrs. Obama. Very powerful stuff, take a look:




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