Jam Today: Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

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The Winter Of Our Discontent: It has been very cold for days and will be very cold for days, but before we were in the season and now we are in the drear of winter, waiting for Martin Luther King Day (aka Knicks play MSG in the afternoon day). I wonder why suicides happen on Christmas and not in January and February, months of hard work, drudgery and cold. Even for New Yorkers you’ve got to wonder what you’ve got yourself into. Meanwhile, Trump twin Kim has the button on his desk at all time, and no, he is not Matt Lauer either, though I’d pay cash money to see Kim (or Trump for that matter) in court.

Short Story: I am still working on “The No Fly List,” a Christmas story that I might even sit on till next December before publishing. Also working my way through posting “Memory Motel” -my Rolling Stones ghost story. I doubt it will be over by the end of 2018… maybe..

Old Music: The final of the Linda trilogy, that accounts for three of Paul McCartney’s greatest solo achievements, Working Classical, should be up today, tomorrow like that, I’ve only listened to The Impressions second album once so I am still deep in thought, and we are about to jump four years all the way to Frank Sinatra’s first recording for Capitol and the start of his greatest period. I’ve also been listening to a mixtape of Maria Callas live and one of my favorite compilations, Louis Armstrong’s Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man. “Gut Bucket Blues” anyone?

New Music: I am starting the new year vby cleaning up the New Year, checking out stuff I kinda skipped like Arca (who I admired so much with Bjork)  and  Moses Sumney and  Thundercat and I was considering writing a “ones that got away” post, but they weren’t THAT GOOD where I concept of the year would be changed anyway.

Concerts: It is so cold, I didn’t go out for New Year’s Eve for the first time in ten years (more or less) but not because of the cold but because nothing caught my attention. I wish Phish would relinquish their position at MSG NYE and let me see someone new. This week, Jessi Mason weather permitting and the Dave Matthews Band at Radio City next Saturday…

Television: “Black Mirror”? I’ve tried, but unlike “Stranger Things” I find it unwatchable. The “Star Trek” one was pathetic. On the other hand, all four Dave Chappelle specials are excellent. All of them.

Sports: What a crappy year 2017 was, remember when New York teams won championships? The Knicks? 25th year of rebuilding. And did you see the Jets against the Patriots? Ouch. If that is Eli Manning’s final performance, at least he won.


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