Jam Today: Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

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New Music: I haven’t been a huge fan of David Byrne, though not not a fan either. The 2012 album with St. Vincent caught my attention, and the show at the Beacon was excellent, but all that Imelda Marcos stuff sucked. There is something awful pretentious about Byrne, he isn’t the only perhaps capable of making the normal look abnormal look self-consciously hip. Of course, when it works it works and his new single “Everybody’s Coming To My House,” co-written with Brian Eno and featuring contributions from TTY, Happa Isaiah Barr, and Sampha works great. That herky jerky beat is spastic cool, the arrangement undercuts itself -minimal but in a huge way and the song seems to mean something, Byrne gets away with a cliché like “We’re only tourists in this life,” by saving it with “only tourists but the view is nice” in the very next line. Grade: A-

Old Music: Who woulda thunk it? Even The Impressions suffered from a sophomore jinx!! The Never Ending Impressions compounds nearly every mistake a second album could possibly suffer through, the grade would be wore only we know what is coming up next. Grade: B

President Winfrey: My problem with this is similar to my problem with Trump, and I’ll explain by switching medium. First, we want an outsider to shake things up in DC. However, it is harder to shake things up then to remain status quo. Think of Miles Davis, he understood how to play jazz inside and out before he attempted a Bitches Brew, an On The Corner, a Dark Magus. Davis couldn’t deconstruct and re-construct jazz if he didn’t know how to construct jazz on the first place. President Oprah, like President Trump, can’t reconstruct DC because they don’t know DC.

Sports: The obvious answer here is ANYONE BUT THE PATRIOTS. But if the Bills can’t make it, then by all means the Vikings. What happened to the Knicks? Seems to prove that the NBA went easy on them in the first half of the season in the hopes that the biggest market in the country might be able to get some momentum going.

Concerts: Denny Laine tonight, I am not expecting much but keep your fingers crossed, right? I just got a ticket for Rod Stewart at MSG in August and with Shakira cancelled next week is deader than Elvis. To be honest, it is so cold I have been a little on the careful side (I already missed Dave Matthews due to the weather) so wish me luck.

Employment: While I don’t know what the answer is viz salaries, I do no black and Spanish Americans unemployment figures has tumbled to their lowest since 2000. I don’t care for the President (see the next paragraph for one reason why) but I care for this and it is the sort of statistic that will insure him another four years.

Bullies: From the New York Times: “Nearly 200,000 people from El Salvador who have been allowed to live in the United States for more than a decade must leave the country, government officials announced Monday. It is the Trump administration’s latest reversal of years of immigration policies and one of the most consequential to date. Homeland security officials said that they were ending a humanitarian program, known as Temporary Protected Status, for Salvadorans who have been allowed to live and work legally in the United States since a pair of devastating earthquakes struck their country in 2001. Salvadorans were by far the largest group of foreigners benefiting from temporary protected status, which shielded them from deportation if they had arrived in the United States illegally. The decision came just weeks after more than 45,000 Haitians lost protections granted after Haiti’s 2010 earthquake, and it suggested that others in the program, namely Hondurans, may soon lose them as well. Nicaraguans lost their protections last year. Immigrant advocates and the El Salvadoran government had pleaded for the United States to extend the program, as it has several times since 2001. A sense of dread gripped Salvadorans and their employers in California, Texas, Virginia and elsewhere.” This is why we hate Trump, he picks on the weakest members of society always.


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