Jam Today: Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

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Death: In the week that the New York Times discovered the semi-underground mid-60 year old return of the 1970s punks, death haunted the music scene. Mike Hudson, David Cassidy, Tommy Keene, Tom Petty, John Kordosh – 60 is the new 84. So all these relics from Max’s and CBGB’s are fiddling and burning at the same time. Both life affirming and heartbreaking at the same time, all that’s left from the youth of a lifetime is to do it one more time again and die.

POTUS: What Trump has done more than any one other thing is show up the US political system for the swamp of special interest it so obviously. Trump can barely be bothered giving lip service to his constituents, in one of the greatest money grabs since 1917, he is taking money from the have nots and the have not that much and handing it to the super-rich and he isn’t even pretending otherwise. But that’s the difference, the pretense. Unlike the GOP he just doesn’t care about appearance. Why should he when a rallying cry of “fake news” answers all oversight. The Dems aren’t much better… I have a friend that claims that if the the new taxes get passed the US will fnd itself 15 years away from civil war.

Sexual Impotence: There is a price to be paid for women emasculating men, and the price is impotence. 1) Excessive masturbation has lead to problems with intercourse (the friction is wrong), 2) Feelings of inadequacy has caused men to feel closer with their male buddies instead of the highly judgmental women in their lives. Intimacy, surely  the currency of all relationships, is nonexistence. This may well be a period of transition between the sexes but things are not healthy right now. Personally, my sympathies are all but entirely with women. Absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, men have used their power over women in all industries,  for sex. No doubt at all. But even so, if emotional relationships between men and women are so fraught with peril for men that they can’t be themselves, there will, and there is, a price to pay.

Concerts: As long as concerts end at 1130pm, I can not stay till the end except on Fridays and Saturdays. I simply can not work on five hours sleep and it hurts my reviews. I want to stay till the end, but with the subway system in shambles and 90 minute commutes home if I can make it that far, I have no choice whatsoever.

Concerts: Jay Z was pretty good.

New Music: Three very good albums this week, Noel Gallagher, Bjork, and Kodak Black.

Old Music: I am just over the Jay Z setlist and taking a look at Morrissey.

Literature: I am trying Kindle Unlimited for a month… I buy over a book a month so it makes sense to a degree except unlike a streaming service it far from includes everything making it the definition of a waste of money. So, as of now, I’m gone.

Movies: “Coco” should have had better music but it was very sweet.


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