Jam Today: Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

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Picture by Alyson Camus, 2016


Concerts: Call me a cynic but maybe the coffers have gotten low, how else to explain a full fledged Radiohead summer tour a scant two years after the last one with no apparent new music to push.  I figure three months of hard work then all back to Oxford. They are playing three nights at MSG (7/10, 7/11, 7/13) and the last time they played their (July 2016 – my review here) I wrote: “The entire band were under control, 24 songs, two hours and done to a turn. “Thank you, you’ve been very kind to us”. No alarms and no surprises.” Not that I mind, a solid effort if you ask me.

More Concerts: I’m attempting a double dip on Saturday, first Bananarama and then rushing like mad to MSG to catch the tail end of Tyler The Creator. The following week I have Bad Bunny and Bob and Phil, aka another Dead offshoot.

New Music: Speaking of Bad Bunny, if you have any interest in Latin Trap (and if you don’t, why not?) this is a superb playlist to catch you up, will the genre break the US market? Forget that the playlist has three quarter of a million shares, it sounds terrific…

Old Music: I am holding off on McCartney’s Driving Rain, but mostly because I haven’t gotten round to it. I can’t say I think that much of Tyler but I will put together a playlist for Saturday’s gig soonish.

Movies: “Black Panther” ain’t bad, if the world had reacted normally and not as though a superhero movie that was blackcentric was an eye on the prize moment, I might have quite enjoyed it. I’m not a huge Marvel world movie fan (in the 60s I was a huge comics book nerds and none of these guys begin to compare to the illustrated comic books of my youth and imagination) but I go for the helluva and “Black Panther” is better than average. But the condescending nonsense written about the movie is infuriating, and inverted racism. Grade: B

Sports: There are no sports in New York City…

The State Of The USA: A world of aggression on every front, subways don’t work, homelessness and drug addiction are an epidemic, copycat killers are shooting up High Schools, the President is the Harvey Weinstein of politicians, the Dems can’t figure out a response, leadership is dead… Well, maybe tomorrow will be better.




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