Jam Today: Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

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Yankees: Yes, it is a little early to be getting overly excited over the New York Yankees. Even a scintillating win over the always hated Red Sox featuring Giancarlo Stanton  going yard twice in a beauty of a 3 – 2 putting the Yanks on top of the league as they won  for the 16th time in 17 games, doesn’t mean it is time for a stroll down the canyon of heroes. But who can help it? As they win small, win large, don’t make errors on the fields, and have a murderers row of a line up that can give em wins, and let em out. Add to that a clutch of clutch rookies and this is the best, at least the most thrilling team since at least 2009 and more like 2000.

The Iran Deal: Sure, Obama stuffed this deal down America’s throat, it didn’t even go to a vote in congress. But, he was right. Trump keeps on dismantling Obama’s signature works and replacing it with nothing as he isolates the US and makes us pariah’s whose word is meaningless.

Stormy Weather: This is what it has come to, a porn star’s word is better than the President’s. Nobody really cares that Trump fucked a porn star (it would be a miracle if he hadn’t), they hate that he didn’t have the brains to fucking hide it and then couldn’t even keep his lies straight.

Really Stormy Weather: Worse, actually much worse, is his personal lawyer Michael Cohen, being accused of taking a 500G kick back from a Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg, and almost as bad is companies as large as AT&T giving money to Cohen for access to Trump.

Kanye West: They won’t be happy till they bury the musical genius. Saying his freedom of speech isn’t under attack is like saying that a mob lynching you for your opinion on Trump isn’t an attack.

New Music: The new Childish Gambino single “This Is America” made me a believer after years of indifference to his neo soul, Janelle Monae has the album of the year (so far), I’ve heard four songs with Kanye’s fingerprints and love em all.

Old Music: The Impressions Ridin’ High finds Curtis getting a handle on what his sound will evolve to, McCartney has a not for sale anywhere album coming up, and Frank Sinatra, who would end up releasing three albums in 1957, offers us one of his classics, A Swingin’ Affair.

Concerts: As mentioned (oh wait, I didn’t mention) the Childish Gambino single is so strong I picked up a tix to see him at MSG. Next week is white boy rock: Liam Gallagher with Richard Ashcroft, Jackson Browne, and The Misfits, though I am so pissed at the Misfits’ no cell rule I might bail.

Friendship: “Before stepping on stage for the first concert of the Reputation World Tour at University of Phoenix Stadium in Ariz., Swift took to her Instagram Story on Tuesday (May 8) to share a snap of the present (an Olive branch) from the “Roar” singer Katy Perry, captioning it, “Thank you Katy,” along with a heart emoji. The olive branch symbolizes peace and/or reconciliation”


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