Jam Today: Wednesday, October 11th, 2017

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Sexual Predators In The Movie Business: Harvey Weinstein was wrong, not only was his ghastly treatment of women the way the business was conducted in the 60s and 70s, it was the way business was conducted in the 1920s and last night. He couldn’t have been more explicit in his pay to play conduct yet, despite every other top female star in the business being hit on by the way ugly and overweight man, it took 30 years for him to get caught. But if you think he’s alone I got news for you, half the execs in Hollywood are terrified. And not just for harassing young women, but also young men, and underage, I mean seriously underage, girls and boys. Everyone is Jack Woltz

The Storm: Pretty ace freestyling by Eminem on BET Hip Hop Awards, I admire it but rap has been going after POTUS for nearly a year now, starting with YG’s “Fuck Donald Trump”

More Storm: In ten months of relentless horror, I would say the scariest moment was last week when, surrounded by leaders of the armed forces, Trump claimed it was the quiet before the storm. I don’t see how anyone, Democrat, Republican, Fascist Party, KKK, isn’t terrified right now.

Sports: If the Yanks win this one they are on to the next round, my nephew texted me last night asking about World Series tickets.

New Music: Jonathan Dove’s In Damascus manages the impossible, it dignifies the great, destroyed city and its poet Ali Saffa with music less histrionic and violent and more funereal and sad. Grade: A- The new Noel Gallagher song “Holy Mountain” ca plan our moi, Grade: B+

Old Music: Let’s hear it for Elvis, I hope to get around to Today, today.

Concerts: After four shows in five days, if I tickets for Jingle Ball in presale I have every intention of skipping Halsey and taking the weekend off.

Death: I realize time is moving at a vicious pace nowadays but really, Tom Petty already in the back mirror??

Television: I don’t really watch over the air, the exception is Kristen Bell in “The Good Place” –enough to make you forgive her for “Frozen”. Grade: B+


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