Jam Today: Wednesday,August 30th, 2017

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Verified Tickets: This is Ticketmaster’s lottery where you are chosen to have the opportunity to buy tickets to a concert before the Ticket Brokers sweep em all up. Taylor Swift is using it for her 2018 tour, Hamilton used it for the latest release of tickets. Does it do anything, I don’t know. I do know this, there is business as usual at Stubhub for the newest available tickets, except it looks like a hike in prices. Maybe 10% -the average has gone from the low-$400 price range to the mid-$400 price range. But the real test will be the “Springsteen On Broadway” verified tickets. I am on standby to get verified tickets: translation? Not a chance in hell. The question then becomes will it get to stubhub and if so at how much. My bet: absolutely but who knows how many? And the price will be higher than it would have been, the 1K – 2k range.

Old Music: OK, I’m not putting it off any further, today I tackle Sir Paul goes classical. Wish me luck.

New Music: I went back to Brand New earlier this morning and must admit it sounds even better than it had at first, one of the best albums of the year, it stands as emo grows up (Grade: A-)

Concerts: My pan of Lady Gaga yesterday got quite the response but thank the Lord rock nyc is small enough to be ignored by the Little Monsters, who shut down the world’s most popular whipping boy Ed Sheeran. Ed  said in an interview earlier this year that he didn’t want to be one of those artist with a couple of hit albums who thinks he knows it all. Gaga’s twitter army thought he was throwing shade on her and he had to close down his twitter account till Lady Gaga told em to cease and desist.

Sports: Yanks lost their first to Cleveland, were then rained out, and now have a double header before the Sawks appear. Neither of their pitchers have much experience… I an hoping for a split and that means they will lose the series. The rain is causing at the US Open, I am going Sunday and thank god for the retractable roof say I.

More Rain: There is a school of thought that thinks the difference between Houston and New Orleans is that New Orleans was black. The Houston Metropolitan Area is home to the fourth largest city in America and more than 30% of Texas’ African American population. It is the nation’s 9th largest Black population and was the most recent city to reach the 1 million mark.

POTUS: Good for Trump, finally does the right thing in Houston. As for Melania? Those heels are killer…




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