Jay Z And Beyonce On The Run Annotated And Spotified Setlist

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As promised, an annotated jay Z and Beyonce setlist plus a Spotify (except for bey’s last album mostly). Impressive… to a degree and they do go deep enough, right? Here and there they trade off songs (“Hard Knock” followed by “Pretty Huts”) and sometimes they have little run of songs, but it isn’t two separate shows: they comingle freely.

1. ’03 Bonnie & Clyde (JAY Z cover) – This not Crazy was their coming out party though it sure isn’t much of a song despite its bigness and pride of place – C+

2. Upgrade U (Beyoncé cover) – So they wanted another Jey song and pulled this dog out of the hat – C-

3. Crazy in Love (Beyoncé cover) – A huge hit at the time, and I loved it as well, the song of the summer, just a thrill ride of a track but over time it feels a little forced – B

4.Show Me What You Got (JAY Z cover) – Very ordinary rave up – C

5. Diamonds from Sierra Leone (Remix) (Kanye West cover) – I wonder if Bey sings the hook? – A

6. I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me) (JAY Z cover) – “I’m a hustler baby, I just wat you to know…” and it remains his purest expression of rampant egotism – A

7. Tom Ford (JAY Z cover) – Maybe the third best song on the last album, but it is so 1% it is a little off putting – B

8. Run the World (Girls)  (Beyoncé cover) – Off her secondbest album , this seems to have a weird M.I.A. influence than only does it good – A

9. ***Flawless – (Beyoncé cover) – As deep as Beyonce gets, but this is so good  with a fractured rhythm and an interesting monologue despite it being more woman’s rights stuff – B+

10. Yoncé (Beyoncé cover) – Blazing hot video with the third in Bey’s alter egos and Bey’s third goodie in a row – B+

11. Jigga My Nigga –  (Jay Z cover) Remember Ruff Ryders? Swizz Beatz supergroup?Remember Swizz Beatz???? – B

12.  Dirt Off Your Shoulder (JAY Z cover) – Quoted by the President no less, more rhythmically smart than I remembered – B+

13.  Naughty Girl (Beyoncé cover) – Heard back to back with “Big Pimpin'” it isn’t the Donna Summer sample (I bet that cost a bundle) but the Arabic track that catches your ear – B+

14. Big Pimpin’  (JAY Z cover) – A nearly perfect concoction, where the Aram sample and the lyrical braggadocio meet – A

15. Ring the Alarm (Beyoncé cover) – Now Bey and Jay are trading songs, not bad but not major… for this we didn’t get “Irreplaceable”??? – B

16. On to the Next One (JAY Z cover) – Later period masterpiece with one of the best hooks Jay has written: “Freeze… somebody bring me back some money please – A

17. Clique (Kanye West, Jay-Z & Big Sean cover) – Huge track but it doesn’t work for me

18. Diva (Beyoncé cover) – The album is maybe her worse but this song makes sense next to “Clickque” – B

19. Baby Boy (Beyoncé cover) – Sean Paul is singing with her here – B

20. U Don’t Know – That intro  (JAY Z cover) – Yup, that’s a Bobby Byrd sample – B

21. Haunted  (Beyoncé cover) – Haunting is the right word for this new r&b brooder – A

22. No Church in the Wild –  (Jay-Z & Kanye West cover) – Incipient nigotry and anti-gay fervor may have stalled Frank Ocean’s career, but not with these guys – B

23.  Drunk in Love  (Beyoncé cover) – The most irritating song in the world – D+

24. Public Service Announcement  (JAY Z cover) – Now he wants to reintroduce himself? – B+

25. Why Don’t You Love Me (Beyoncé cover) – Pretty good r&b – B

26. Holy Grail (JAY Z cover) – The Nirvana quote is cynical – C

27. Fuckwithmeyouknowigotit  (JAY Z cover) – It is so difficult to use Rick Ross successfully, among this great songs achievements is Jay Z doesn’t allow Ross to overwhelm the track – A

28.  Beach Is Better (JAY Z cover)- The best song on the last album, I wish it was ten minutes long – A

29. Partition (Beyoncé cover) – This is the one Bey has been changing the lyric on her song of infidelity from six to twelve years, thereby indicting Jay Z. Personally, I think it’s the definition of shtick – B+

30. 99 Problems (JAY Z cover) – One of his greatest moments works also as a response to “Partition”  – A+

31. If I Were a Boy (Beyoncé cover) – Hits me as more high concept, high wire question s of fidelity – A-

32. Ex-Factor (Lauryn Hill cover) – More songs about love and cheating – A

33. Song Cry (JAY Z cover) – I loath this track the whining fuck face – D

34. Resentment  (Beyoncé cover) – The end of the six song break up songs – C

35. Love on Top (Beyoncé cover) – Good they made up in time for this great great song…bring the beat in – A

36.  Izzo (H.O.V.A.) (JAY Z cover) – OK, here they begin to wrap up the evening – A

37. Niggas in Paris (Jay-Z & Kanye West cover) – It didn’t work on the album, didn’t work at MSG with Yeez, and won’t work here – C

38. Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) (Beyoncé cover) catchy mofo, prolly more so if you’re a girl – B

39. Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)  (JAY Z cover) – Game changer – A+

40. Pretty Hurts  (Beyoncé cover) – Very strange place for this song, I hope they move it because pretty don’t hurt that much – B

41. Part II (On The Run) (JAY Z cover) – This is where they got the concept, shame it’s a crap song – C-

42. Young Forever (JAY Z cover) – They perform this to video of their daughter, will somebody please bitch slap them – D

43.  Halo  (Beyoncé cover) – A good song but I’ll be out of my seat before “Young Forever” hits – B+

44. Lift Off  (Jay-Z & Kanye West cover) -I’ll be on the subway before they start this – C+

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