Jay Z Wants To Transform Harry Styles Into ‘The Biggest Artist In The World’

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Harry Styles


Jay Z has a project, it is not a new album, a new concert or a music festival… no, it is all about One Direction’s Harry Styles.

According to NME, the famous rapper has offered to help Styles to become one of the biggest solo artists in the world. In an exclusive interview with the Daily Star Sunday, Jay Z declared:

‘Harry doesn’t need any help with exposure, everybody in the world knows who he is. But he does need to make the transition from being part of a group to becoming an individual artist.’

‘I can get him working with the bigger artists, the biggest producers – and have him as the biggest artist in the world within a year.’

Of course, this is an interesting and interested project because that would mean that the famous rapper-entrepreneur gets something in return:

‘I would love to sign Harry,’ said Jay Z. ‘Simon is going to want to carry on working with him, of course. But we could do a joint venture – we both have big qualities we can bring to the table.’

Isn’t it funny? Jay Z wants to steal Harry from Simon Cowell? To transform him into the biggest artist in the world? Why is he suddenly interested by Styles’ career? Obviously, Styles has just become another business move for Jay Z… Tidal is not doing so well after all. But it’s a sad realization about the state of today’s music when a music mogul like Jay Z announces with such confidence he can manufacture the biggest artist in the world.

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