Jeanne Vomit-Terror debut LP “Empire Waste,” “a sonic chop-shop job of Detroit techno,” out now.

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Jeanne Vomit-Terror debut LP “Empire Waste,” “a sonic chop-shop job of Detroit techno,” out now.

See music video for mysterious chanteuse’s “Jokes Come True” single streaming now via The Big Takeover.




Jeanne Vomit-Terror – In The Press

“Boogie shoes not included, but strongly recommended.” – MAGNET

“Percolating synths, disco-like beats, Euro-pop ambience and a sense of electronica that is as cheery as it is progressive.” –


“Should we be afraid of Jeanne Vomit-Terror?” asks Read more here.

Lexington, Kentucky based label collective Desperate Spirits has released Empire Waste, the debut album by mysterious disco-influenced chanteuse Jeanne Vomit-Terror. See the music video for the album’s single “Jokes Comes True” via The Big Takeover now.

‘Jokes Come True’ is a sonic chop-shop job of Detroit techno and Latin freestyle with gaudy detailing of Egyptian modes and breathy insouciance,” Vomit-Terror tells us. The message is this: absurdity is the fundamental element of this reality, and if you learn to manipulate it like rolling mercury in your hands, you can score some real points in causality (and reverse causality).”

Though sparse, Vomit-Terror’s discography is eclectic, encompassing electro-pop (“Mirror School,” which boasts a suitably trashy Robert Beatty music video), Italo disco (“The Seat of Same,” touted by Rub N Tug and Mike Simonetti, remixed by the latter), and industrial noise (The Quixotrix Tapes).

The eight songs that comprise Empire Waste showcase Vomit-Terror’s fearless weirdness and pop ingenuity. “Jokes Come True” wheels a sleek dystopian Drexciya groove into a joyous, synthetic Gloria Estefan refrain. “Lost in Luxury” juxtaposes a soaring anthemic chorus that wouldn’t be out of place on a Ke$ha B-side with turbulent analog riffage straight out of Hardcore Devo: Volume One.

Vomit-Terror rips black metal guitar solos over minimal house, climaxes a pop epic with the first straight-faced industrial rap since Pretty Hate Machine, and gives Thinking Fellers Union Local 282’s “Tell Me” the “Jellybean” Benitez treatment, all the while cooing, moaning, and growling her Dadaist screeds, exhorting (or else, demanding) the listener to “close the door on reality forever!”

Empire Waste, the debut album by Jeanne Vomit-Terror, is out now via Lexington, Kentucky-based Desperate Spirits. Contact Josh Bloom at Fanatic for more information.


Jeanne Vomit-Terror
Empire Waste
(Desperate Spirits)
Out Now

Private Download Link:

 Track Listing:

01. The Preening
02. Tiger Training
03. Lost In Luxury
04. Jokes Come True (LISTEN | MP3 | VIDEO)
05. Axis Denied
06. Tell Me
07. The Author and His Egg
08. Cast No Shadow


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