Jewel as June Carter Cash

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When did the world 'biopic' come in to fashion?  I swear its a new one they used to be called biographys or documentary.  Biopic sounds like a lab experiment involving monkeys or something.

Jewel.  Remmeber that snaggle toothed Canadian?  She was riding the popularity wave in the late 80s under the bio of former homeless girl who made it big.  Then?   A small mellow flatlining of pop cult following.  Not too shabby for a chick who lived in her car..

Leave it to the Lifetime Network to tackle the life and times of June Carter Cash and offer up an acting role to Jewel.  What a surprising transition..not. 

Rob Sharenow of Lifetime said "Many people know about the legendary love story of Johnny and June, but June Carter Cash has her own epic journey filled with triumphs, tragedies, loves and losses. This movie will explore all aspects of the woman behind the icon, and we're thrilled Jewel will be playing the role."

This is no epic adventure, filming begins this summer and it will be airred later this year.


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