Gordon-Levitt & Deschanel "What Are You Doing New Years Eve?"

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Raise your hand if your sick of Zooey.  Yup, mine is up. Yes, she is adorable, indeed great voice, she has style shes every ones pal.  Freshly split with Ben Gibbard apparently she has taken up with her '500 Days of Summer" co-star Joe Gordon-Levitt. 

Lets face it the only good duet we have is her and Will Ferrell in Elf.  This is sorta cute but a bit phlegmy- like she should have cleared her throat or maybe she had just chugged some egg nog or something.  Not wonderful, but not a horror. 

There is a fine line between being cute and being annoying and Ms Deschanel is teetering that line on a tippy toe.  Shes on the verge of out staying her welcome.  Til then.. check this video out


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