Joey Ramone Mural Gone

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Yesterday afternoon, the two-year-old Joey Ramone mural was whitewashed from the Bleecker Street facade of Saxon + Parole. Two dudes were spotted erasing the artwork with a bucket of beige paint. But it apparently won’t stay blank for long.

Word on the street is that Shepard Fairey is on deck to paint the replacement over the next couple days. Another CBGB veteran – Debbie Harry from Blondie. From what we understand, the Little Italy Street Art Project curated this new effort, as it did with the Joey Ramone tribute back in September 2015.

Fairey should begin work on the Blondie mural later today.

Sitting just across from 315 Bowery this wall canvas will remain a tribute to the legacy of the club. Sources tell us that the LISA Project will impart a new CBGB-themed mural on this spot biannually.

Choosing Debbie Harry makes sense for Shepard Fairey, and not only due to her association with the CBGB punk scene. Apparently, the artist hosted a “Debbie Harry x Obey” pop-up shop in Los Angeles a couple weeks ago.”

My friend and sometime rock nyc writer Michael Malone IMd me to give me a heads up that Shepard Fairey (who we have written about plenty) was as I write this painting over a mural of Joey Ramone (here is the Bowery Boogie story)  with a mural of Joey’s close friend Debbie Harry. Sure it is the LISA Project’s art forum, and they put up the Joey mural to start with but, here, let me make it clear: fuck them. Joey is the patron Saint of CBGB’s and he died at the age of 49 and never made the big bucks he deserved to and the mural is (was) gorgeous…

Why would they do that? Who do you want to put up? The only other name that comes to mind is Stiv Bators maybe, but really… do you see Fairey painting a mural of the dead Dead Boy? Go find another wall, go find another ten: this is like the entire East Village gentrification taking a bite out of its history. It’s like replacing a statue of Abraham Lincoln with James Madison. You could do it, but it is the second law of thermodynamics in action. I can’t think of a wall NOT improved by a painting of Debbie Harry except for this one. This is the one made worse. Blondie is touring with Garbage and Joey has been all dead since 2001 and this is what these morons think is fitting.

It is completely typical of the brain dead mother fucking world we live in.



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