John Lydon Takes A Driving Lesson In Jay Leno’s Garage

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Did you know that John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten, lead singer of Public Image Ltd (PiL) and ex-Sex Pistols, doesn’t know how to drive? a car?

If you are familiar with CNBC, you know about Jay Leno’s Garage, a series which explores the comedian’s obsession with all things automotive, from classic cars to supercars and everything on wheels…So tonight at 10pm ET/PT on CNBC, you will have on one side, Jay Leno and his love affair with cars, and, on the other side, John Lydon who takes the ultimate driving school test with powerful sports cars, under Jay Leno’s supervision.

There’s a real chemistry between the two men, and in the clip of the funny episode Lydon is backing up into inflatable clowns and having problems while using the stick.. I don’t blame him. This episode proves that even if you were the lead singer of one of the most controversial bands of the ‘70s, even if you were part of one of the most radical movement, and declared ‘Anarchy in the UK’, you may not be able to drive a car. But there’s really no shame about this…

Watch a clip of the meeting between a punk rock legend and a late TV icon below, and if you missed the show, the full episode will be available online tomorrow at:

Jay Leno becomes driving instructor for rocker Johnny Rotten from CNBC.


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