John Mayer Reviewed Ryan Adams’ ‘Prisoner’ On Twitter

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John Mayer & Ryan Adam


This could be a new series, a series about famous musicians reviewing other famous musicians’ new album… and of course they do it on Twitter.

John Mayer recently took on Twitter to comment on Ryan Adams’ new album ‘Prisoner’ calling it ‘melodic/harmonic gold’, even adding that Adams was ‘swimming in his sweet spot.’

And when he was getting a bit poetic impressionist about it, ‘In the ‪@TheRyanAdams album I see: a Ferris wheel, a Camaro, the glow of a car cig lighter, apartments on sidestreets of Sunset Blvd’, Adams couldn’t do anything but approve the compliments… and there was a real exchange between the two musicians, which became even more tasty when Mayer referred to Def Leppard with a ‘I’m getting some magical Def Leppard Hysteria vibes now’

‘100 percent. That record was on constant play in my car,’ replied Adams…. ‘glad to hear it!’ commented Def Leppard, and Ryan Adams himself couldn’t believe it.

So you have it, a review of ‘Prisoner’ by Mayer, Def Lepard approved. Twitter is the place to be for musicians commenting on each other’s records. This could become a series if it happens again. As for the Adams-Mayer exchange, I don’t want to speculate but we could see a collaboration soon? Watch the exchange below.

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