Johnny Marr, “How Soon Is Now?”, Reviewed

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From the NME Awards show we have this little ditty.  Guitarist and Ex Smith Johnny Marr rubbing up to Ron Wood for a performance of "How Soon Is Now".

Why do guitarist do that dick rubbing move where they both cuddle up really close with down turned heads like their  collectively moving a moving a heavy piece of furniture or something.  Its one of the dumbest things I have ever seen yet nearly every band does it.  Is it a brotherhood thing? Is it a woo feel the power thing?  To me it looks as silly as a lead singers lip bitting dance during a drum solo. 

Anyway its good to know legends can do it too I suppose and honestly Ron Wood, though weathered like an office chair looks pretty darn good.  Marr not so much but I think he had a procedure or something as his skin is an awkward color.

As for the tune the quality is poor on this video though I am sure others will surface.  Musically its fine vocally its karaoke and well is it OK that Marr is performing it?

Sure! Considering he really wont get the name recognition of Morrissey I say go for it.  It will forever sound like a cover version since the lyrics are associated wit the original singer, but by all means do it to get the crowd pumped.  When Marr does his live bit he is faced with a rather big issue.

Without any solo music aside from his new album "The Messenger", everything will sound cover band.  Hes a guitarist who has been in numerous groups- there is no way around it.  The title of the album is actually very appropriate since he basically has carried the worlds of others in every band hes taken part in.  Poor thing.

I do think I still will go see him, if only out of respect for the past.  But I wouldn't fight a crowd for it.

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