Joyce Manor at the El 'N' Gee August 16th, 2013

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I went to the best show of the entire summer, no, of the year, last night.

Joyce Manor played the El ‘N’ Gee club in New London, and Ceremony was the headliner.  I had seen Joyce 367 days before; it was crazy to see them almost a year to the day.  I couldn’t wait for them to come on.  However, before they even got on the stage, I noticed the band just walking through the crowd, without anyone stopping them.  I ended up speaking to all of them individually over the course of the night, and Barry had remembered me and last year’s interview.  My night was already made and the band wasn’t even on yet.

As it approached time for their set, everyone was pushed up against the stage- including me. I was pretty much sitting on the stage in anticipation.  The band came on, and opened up with “Call Out (Laundry)”.  Everyone immediately ran and rushed the stage, jumping and jumping on the stage with the band, and pushing forward.  It was insane.  I’m really little, so I was thankful for the ability to duck under stage divers as to not get kicked in the head.  And the night had just begun.

The singer, Barry, noticed that people in the crowd were launching themselves to crowd surf by jumping off of a speaker stack.  First of all, that was dumb.  Second, it was dangerous.  He said “Hey you guys like getting kicked in the head and stepped on?….So selfish.”  He seemed pretty upset about it and that made me happy that he cared about our well-being.  However, there’s also the mentality that if ya don’t wanna get bruised, just get out of the way.  The evening continued.

Joyce Manor put on an insane show.  Their classic punk vibes blasted through the room and all of us screaming the lyrics, it felt like we were louder than Barry.  The energy was crazy, and I fell down and got kinda beat up, but it didn’t matter because people helped me up and I was back in the crowd.  The kindness amongst the insanity was nice to see, especially being by myself up there.  My nervousness was relieved with acts of care and I could really enjoy the ending of their set.

Even though I got kicked, pushed, shoved, and beat up, I still walked out of the venue shaking with excitement.  It felt like those old YouTube videos you watch now of Minor Threat or Suicidal Tendencies.  It was freakin’ crazy, and I’m glad it was.  Joyce Manor was incredible.  Maybe human’s not such a bad thing to be.

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