Joyce Manor: Something I Will Never Grow Tired Of

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Joyce Manor has to be one of the MOST underappreciated bands of all time.  However, they're literally all I've been listening to for the past week.

There's something about them that has such an addictive quality that gives me chills.  I keep putting their entire discography on shuffle and just spazzing about for its entirety.  I think ever since I got into Conor Oberst and older punk music, I've officially shed the mindset of "it's all about the singer's voice".  Now, I could care less.  The raw, intense, jarring vocals of Joyce Manor are exactly what make them so phenomenal.

It's just the band is so tight that it feels ridiculously close-knit and well rehearsed.  That in an of itself is beautiful; listen to any of their songs, and you'll hear how many little intricacies there are that put JM above and beyond hundreds of other bands.

Here are the top 5 tunes of theirs I've been digging lately:

1.  "5 Beer Plan"  This song is probably my favourite of theirs.  The bass line is so good and I really like how it starts off quieter and then crescendos.  It's so graceful and has perfect timing, and rings in your ears long after the last note.

2.  "Beach Community"  I shamelessly dance around to this whenever it comes up on shuffle.  This gem off their self-titled is probably one of the best-composed tunes they've written.  The lyrics are wonderful, too.  "A few miles down as the streets count backwards, I realize it's true.  Everything reminds me of you."

3.  "Bride Of Usher"  I recently heard this one.  I usually skipped over it to get to "Violent Inside", but one time I was too late to hit the "next" button.  That was pretty much one of the best mistakes ever.  As soon as I heard it start, I knew I'd been missing out.  It's so freakin' catchy and now I can't go a day without listening to it.

4.  "Ashtray Petting Zoo"  Originally I didn't like this one so much because the few times I did decide to give it a listen,  I was interrupted or distracted.  Upon another listen, I had the opportunity to jam out and turn it up.  The drums are so driving and the chaotic melody and build up for when the vocals finally push through with the new melody is absolutely gorgeous and I can't get enough.

5.  "See How Tame I Can Be_" has such a stripped-down feel, which is why it earned its spot on this list.  I think what I like the most about it is how pure it feels and how easy it is to hum along.  Something about this tune is what really reiterates why I love Joyce Manor so much, but I can't quite put my finger on it.  However, I don't care because all I know is that this band is absolutely flawless.

Joyce Manor is the best, man.

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