Jubilee Music And Arts Festival, Friday June 7th 2013

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Toilet Paper flying during Black Lips set at the Jubilee Music & Arts festival

















No rain or mud for me at the Jubilee Music and Arts Festival – as Iman had to endure at the Governor’s Ball – just nice temperatures and a noticeable cool down at night, but that’s the reason why California is the best place for outdoor festivals. This year, the Jubilee had moved in the Arts District Downtown Los Angeles, and the urban setting changed a bit the feeling of the fest.

Moses Campbell climbing the stage at Jubilee Music & Arts Festival

First of all, it was in an enclosed area, a private property near Santa Fe avenue and the 6th Street bridge, which included large empty buildings where some stages had been set up (the place is frequently used for film shots). It was interesting because the indoor stages were very close to the large outdoor main stage, saving everyone a lot of  back and forth walking, and they were insulated enough so that the different performers were not bothering each other.

Cuties Cherry Glazerr at the Jubilee Music & Arts festival

Victorious Pangea at Jubilee & Arts Festival

Yellow Red Sparks at Jubilee Music & Arts Festival

Soko at Jubilee Music & Arts Festival

This kind of setting is probably a way to avoid all the problems that the defunct Sunset Junction Fair had encountered with street closures and neighbors’ complaints, but the feeling is different, I know it’s a pain in the ass for a lot of people, but I kind of liked these street closures, it was actually a real event, changing a Los Angeles neighborhood for the weekend! But the Jubilee is not really a street festival anymore – but strangely the stages had kept the names of the streets of Silver Lake where the festival was born – and it felt much more like a confined place with stages, industrial storehouses, food trucks, and booths. However, the indoors stages were actually cool, they looked like industrial warehouses that the bands had squatted to improvise concerts, and they were giving a more intimate ambiance to some of the performances, as one of them hosted DJs and electronics later during the evening.

Francisco the Man at the Jubilee & Arts Festival

Tashaki Miyaki at the Jubilee Music & Arts Festival

The outdoor Sunset stage was large and obviously the main attraction at the end of the day, with a Bleached-Trash-Talk-Black-Lips dynamic lineup. However, Kitten on the indoor Myra stage played a crowded show just before the Black Lips, as dynamo-big-voiced Chloe Chiadez is an acrobatic-body-on-fire on stage whom we will hear from for years to come!

Acrobatic Kitten’s Chloe Chaidez at the Jubilee Music & Arts festival

At the beginning of the afternoon, it was not very crowded, and I wonder whether it had something to do with the price (but don’t get me wrong $55 is still cheap for 2 days and so many bands!) or the fact it was only Friday and not the weekend yet? It filled up at night for the Black Lips, and I will see if it is more crowded on Saturday.

Scary Obliterations at the Jubilee Music & Arts Festival

Bleached at the Jubilee Music & Arts festival

Mayhem during Trash Talk at Jubilee Music & Arts Festival

Like in many festivals, lots of bands were performing at the same time, so it was hard to catch everyone, but I managed to watch a little bit of Moses Campbell, Cherry Glazerr, Torches, Wardell, Tashaki Miyaki, Soko, Mikhael Paskalev, Kitten, Yellow Red Sparks, and the full sets of Francisco the Man, Pangea, Obliterations, Bleached, Trash Talk, Black Lips… and their paper toilet debauchery!

Black Lips at the Jubilee Music & Arts festival

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