Just The Beat Playlist

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1. Beat Connection – LCD Soundsystem – Works out a rhythm pattern for five minutes before Murphy comes in to connect the beats.

2. The Beat Goes On – Beady Eye – Geez, enough with sensitive. Lennon whinge and angels singing in the sun. Yuck.

3. The Beat Goes On – Britney Spears – Yes, the old Sonny and Cher song.

4. Beat Goes On (feat Kanye West) – Madonna – Pretty dire, fairly stupified, way too slow, dog off a crap album. Kanye's rap adds little.

5. Beat It – Michael Jackson – Flogging a dead beat.

6. Beat It (Demo) – How to learn nothing from a vocal demo

7. Beat It On Down The Line – The Grateful dead – Country boogie

8. Beat It Up (fear Trey Songz) – Gucci is a talented fellow and Brrr2 a good album, but a fair to middling rap doesn't make this more than a deep album track

9. Beat Me Daddy, Eight To the Bar – Ella Fitzgerald – Knock out boogie with Ella scatting wonderful.

10. Beat Your Heartbeat – The Kissaway Trail Trail – Moody JD like but more melodic from Denmark

11. Beaten To The Pinch – Elvis Costello And The Attractions – Off my fave album, "promise her anything, even a wedding ring!" and love the way Costello goes falsetto at the end.

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