Justin Bieber Abandons His Baby Capuchin Pet In Germany

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Justin Bieber has a pet monkey? In case you haven’t read the news, the capuchin monkey was taken by custom officials in Germany where the teen star landed to play a series of concerts throughout Europe, and was soon put in quarantine because Bieber had neglected to obtain a health certificate, to bring the pet into the country.


Bieber can do whatever he wants, smokes all the pot he wants, takes all the drugs he likes, he can have a career, damage his career, dump all his girlfriends but he can’t have a pet monkey! I hope PETA is going to jump at his throat for this one. This is the most irresponsible thing he has ever done.


Of course monkeys are cute and everyone wants to have one but they aren’t pets! They are highly social wild animals that should live with their owns, and especially when they are as young as Bieber’s pet! The poor female Capuchin is only 14-week old, thus a baby who should be with her mother.


The exotic pet market is a horrible thing, newborn monkeys are pull from their moms and they never get the chance to learn how to behave, how to become a monkey. That’s why lots of female chimps or gorillas born in zoo are incapable to take care of their own babies, as they simply haven’t seen their mothers doing it! May be this is something Bieber can relate too, but it’s totally animal abuse.


This story reminds me of Michael Jackson’s chimpanzee pet, and that’s a bad sign for Bieber. Bubbles ended up in a shelter in Florida when he got too big as they all do. Adult chimpanzees are extremely strong and all chimp owners have to abandon them when they reach maturity, or they risk their face to be ripped off or simply to be killed!


I worry about Jackson or Bieber owning a primate, they give the wrong example to millions of young fans. Almost all primate species are endangered species, capuchins belong to a protected species, and all of them should be left alone in the wild, not brought on tour, where they probably go through a lot of stress, noise, temperature variations.


Plus Bieber was also criticized for not checking on his pet, he didn’t even bother contacting the quarantine center, I bet he was planning to drop the monkey on the first fan to jump on stage, as he did for his hamster.


Please, Bieber, no more pet! You aren’t responsible and educated enough and animals aren’t toys or accessories. And he isn't a kid anymore, he is 19, he should have known better if he wasn’t Usher & cie’s little pet monkey himself.


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