Justin Bieber Grants 200th Wish

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When you wish upon a star…









I have never gone along with the Justin Bieber is the anti-christ brigade, not even agreeing with Alyson and Mary on this very website ,and  For one excellent reason. I know what I was like as a teenager and trust me, I was a first rate stinker.

At 18, 19, all I wanted was girls. It was the one thing above all others, even above rock and roll. And I did whatever it took, including going out till 5am, 6am, on the weekend a couple of days, in pursuit of them.

Once I got past that, heavy heavy drug us and we’re not talking weed here, and very loud music in nightclubs were the call of the day. Work was to make money to pay for it.

Why should I put Justin Bieber to a higher standard than I put myself.

Am I a fan? Not particularly. I guess he’s OK but once you’ve said that, right? What can I add to the conversation? He isn’t a bad singer  because he carouses round the world with his posse taking drugs and fucking girls. One has nothing to do with the other.

And, the flip is also true, the fact that he has granted 200 Wishes for the “Make The Wish Foundation” doesn’t make him a better person or a better musician. But if you wanna compete in something, making the most wishes ever come true is a pretty cool way to go about it.

On August 10th, Bieber granted 10 year old Annalysha Brown-Rafanan , suffering from  a life threatening liver condition, and agreed to marry her.

If this is an attempt to rehabilitate his… well, it obviously isn’t, it takes a couple of years to grant 200 wishes and it is just nice and when he is with these children you see the best in the guy.


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