Justin Bieber Is A Mess

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swag, swag, swag, swag…












Justin Bieber is disgusting.  I was never a fan, but I always tried to respect him as an artist.  Rising through the world of music isn’t an easy thing to do by any means, yet I can’t help but completely overlook his accomplishments and stare straight at his massive faults.

First, the drugs.  His tour bus was stopped at the Canadian border because it contained drug paraphernalia and “a small amount of marijuana”.  Supposedly, Bieb wasn’t in the bus at the time, but still, we know it was his.  The driver was cited, however, the bus and everyone inside was allowed to cross over the border.  What the?

Second, putting someone’s phone in his pants.  While doing a show, a fan’s phone somehow ended up on the stage.  Bieber picked it up, put it into the front of his trousers, laughed, took it out after a few seconds, and tossed it back in a random direction into the crowd.

Third, spitting on fans.  He was in his Toronto apartment and was on his balcony, fans standing underneath, and he spat.  He says that the photos aren’t real, and that they were manipulated.  However, I wouldn’t be surprised which was true.

Also, he peed in a mop bucket.  I mean get a grip.

This “idol”, this “teen role model” is hitting bottom over and over.  Much like Amanda Bynes (I mean the girl is a mess), he seems to have given up his squeaky clean image, turned to some drugs and violent actions, and become a new… man.  However, one thing that hasn’t changed?  He still makes crappy music.  Okay, sings other people’s crappy music and calls it his own.

He’s falling apart.


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