Justin Bieber Scandal

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I always think it’s incredibly sad when musicians or actors get into drugs and if effects their career.  So many have fallen victim to the dark side of substance abuse.  Even if you don’t respect the musician, or enjoy their sound, no one should suffer such a horrific experience.

That being said, Justin Bieber is clearly going through a tough time.  It started off with the weed smoking scandal.  That was disappointing, and of course, with Bieber being seen as a role model, his career took a hit.

On the day of his birthday, he tweeted, “Worst birthday ever.”  How come?  Millions responded, consoling the 18-year-old. 

He went to go play a show later that week.  Apparently he needed to take a break from his concert that Thursday to receive oxygen and treatment.  During that show, he was short of breath and was feeling faint.  He continued playing the show after getting help from EMTs.

After that concert, he was taken to the hospital just to be safe and was released early Friday morning.  Then, Monday, Bieber was to play the same venue, and was two hours late to the show.  This is extraordinarily out of character.  The guy’s entire life is scheduled down to when he takes a shower.  I’m convinced that he had some sort of breakdown, which caused him to be off.  Tons and tons of weeping and screaming fans were pulled away by their angry parents because it was a school night.  Bieber stepped up and tweeted that he was only 40 minutes late to the stage, and apologised to anyone they upset. 

Bieber posted this statement on his instagram: "I love how the club wanted to give the press another reason to why we didn't stay at their weak a– club so they wouldn't look bad for me walking in and right back out."

That same Friday morning he got out of the hospital, he went out to a car to be chauffeured away.  Paparazzi was standing outside the vehicle waiting for him.  Bieber was on his way out of the hotel and went quickly into the vehicle, and pushed a photographer out of the way. 

 Apparently the man who was pushed said, "f—— little moron" after the singer was in the car.

That was when Bieber shouted out the car window to respond: "What the f— you say?"

The photographer then said, "You heard what I f—— said, mate."  Then the aggressive and upset pop star responded, “"I'll f—— beat the f— out of you" and then tried to swing at the man.  Luckily before he could do any damage, a security team intervened and pushed Bieber back inside the SUV.

Clearly something is up with the teen.  He’s just a method of propaganda and a marketing tool, and he’s letting that get to him.  Hopefully, if he is on drugs, he gets help.  Justin Bieber should get a grip and take a break.

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