Kanye And Kendrick’s “All Day (Remix) and Drake’s Non LP B Side “My Side” Reviewed (Stream It Here)

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Drake And Kendrick (Kanye was camera shy)

You can’t play without a scorecard fellow pop pickers, and as the terrain of new releases changes like at the speed of a blink of the eye, here are two newer new releases. Drake, whose If You Are Reading This, It Is Already Too Late, remains one of the years best albums (just a mixtape, right? But his upcoming real album release Views From The 6, will be pushed to improve on it that much) has an outtake just dropped, and Kanye West, who has been teasing out his next album all year, has a remix featuring Crown Prince of hip hop Kendrick Lamar on “All Day”.

Drake’s “My Side” is more of the same, “This is just how being rich feel like”, Drake monotones before complaining that “Too much going on'” With Drake, the line between bragging and bawling is always somewhere in between. The backing track is winding synths sounding like strings and a slipped up beat, while Drake is in seduction mode again. It sounds like Drake 101, and how bad can that be? – B+

All Day (Remix) features Kanye West’s former opening act, Kendrick Lamar, a man I consider somewhat on the overrated side (though if the critic lockstep behind him wasn’t so loud, who knows), is added to maybe the second best song off Kanye’s upcoming album. After listening to “Wolf”for the umptenth time, it’s my impression it’s the song to beat, I sure hope it is the signature song for So Help Me God. This remix includes a Lamar verse. It is fine with me, though that is absolutely all it is – B+

Meanwhile the Guardian have a godawful ranking of his album by Ben Westhoff (hint: it should go 1 – Beautiful Fantasy, 2- Yeezus, 3- 808s). Read it and weep here

Listen here via Audiosnack

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