Kanye West And Kid Cudi’s “Kids See Ghosts”

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1 – Feel The Love –  This sets the tone for Kids See Ghosts, violence and children and loneliness, and breakdowns for both,  and here they are all playing sideways with  Kid Cudi’s “I can feel the love” hook interrupted by machine gun fire, and Pusha T singing about love and sex. It is like life interrupted by gun fire, as though everything of the life going on is stopped whatever the dreams might have been – A

2 – Fire – Similar to much of the album, the songs seem to change direction, a martial beat behind “Fire” finds the duo sneering at those that “Shit talk” them for their misdeeds, but by the time the song is over Kid Cudi is begging God for forgiveness. It is a march with ghost howling in the background and with forgiveness the only way out – A

3 – 4th Dimension – “oooh, oooh, oooh -what is Santa bringing?”  This song is a work of magic  as Kanye (in a more than inspired sample)   conjures Louis Prima in a strange one about fucking in the wrong hole and being the boss of your own world (or at least label). It is better than the lyric, but then so are most of these songs, though in a deeper way the Louis Prima harks back to Kids seeing Ghosts, I mean Santa is a ghost, right? – A-

4 – Freee (Ghost Town Pt. 2) – That Marcus Garvey quote to open the track certainly puts italics on the song title, but remember how Kanye caused a ruckus with his slavery is a choice, that seems  reflected back here where freedom is God and the removal of the slave mentality… not crazy about the hook, though – B+

5 – Reborn – Perhaps the best of all the songs he has released recently, the hook is the purest example of Kid Cudi’s skills and the verses are a shorp dissection of Kanye’s 2016 breakdown, and both of them, put together is, a vision of mental illness and recovery as freedom  – A+

6 – Kids See Ghosts – If the mental illness that is all over Ye is reinforced on” Kids See Ghosts”, a clickety clack trap beat with Kid Cudi in his not untypical low and alone mode, while Yasiin Bey  notes (and this is pretty well documented) how children can see dead people on the chorus. The song is haunted and the semblance, of kids as the gateway to a deeper, spiritual future that beckons in a world of strangeness. Both of Kanye’s albums seem to occur in an alternative mindset – A

7  –  Cudi Montage -Cudi is obsessed with his loneliness, just the way he was back on “Pursuit Of Happiness” and Kanye is studying violence begetting violence, and they use a Kurt Cobain sample, a vision of aloneness and violence simply by cause of who he was, and they join together in the chorus to reach to God for answers they can’t find themselves – A

There is the track by track,

This is a long way from 808s And Heartaches, another album with a lot of Cudi, but it seems to have found a way back. The sound is very typical Kid Cudi (everything Cudi does sounds like his first album) and less so like even Ye, but it is of a piece because it is still about mental breakdowns and still manages an incompleteness like Pedro. On Ye, Kanye sees it as a form of superpower, on Kids See Ghosts a form of rebirth. And between Kid (with his own boatload of mental problems) and Kanye, they stand with kids as people who see through the world they are lIving in. There is a precedent here, the CD of original songs on Michael Jackson’s History, the BLOOD ON THE DANCEFLOOR album. That mental breakdown and coming together.


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