Kanye West Hospitalized For Psychiatric Evaluation

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Kanye West


I don’t want to be the kind of person who says ‘I told you so’, but in a way, I had told you so. I have always thought Kanye West had some mental issues and today this seems very serious. According to TMZ, a call for a welfare check was made on Kanye at 1:20 pm on Monday, and he was finally transported to the hospital by ambulance. One of his doctors was checking him for severe sleep deprivation, when it was decided he needed to be admitted in a hospital, Kanye first resisted as he didn’t want to go, and he had to be restrained when he was transported. Pitchfork reports he was taken to the UCLA Medical Center for psychiatric evaluation in an ambulance, and according to TMZ, he was transported in handcuffs.

This scene looks totally dramatic, he had just cancelled the rest of his Saint Pablo tour the same day, and we all know how the last concerts ended, he voiced his support to Donald Trump in an endless rant and ditched Beyonce and Jay Z before cutting short his last one. Kanye is not doing well, Kanye is having a series of meltdowns. But why is everyone surprised? Why was everyone applauding these senseless rants as if they were new biblical revelations? Kanye’s discourses have never never made any sense to me but they have been qualified of everything from ‘genius’ to ‘artsy’. Remember when he talked to students in architecture at Harvard University? Saying the world could be saved by design? Nothing of what he said did make sense but still, people took him seriously, looking at him as if he was this new philosopher or prophet. Why? Because he is a rich rapper? There were numerous episodes, and honestly a psychiatric evaluation should have been made earlier.

The most bizarre thing may be his Instagram account, one hundred posts including 99 pictures of clothes and shoes,… all posted one day ago? What’s going on exactly?

According to Page Six, a source close to Kanye is bringing more details about the situation: ‘He’s having a nervous breakdown. He’s surrounded by all these crazy people, but there’s nobody he listens to or who can rein him in. He’s spiraling further and further out of control. Basically everything crazy he does is ‘art’ — canceling his tour is ‘art’ — he is becoming more and more unpredictable. His state of mind goes back a long way, perhaps to the death of his mother, which he never got over. That combined with his chaotic life — he often stays up and works for 48 hours at a time when he’s on, and calls his team at 3 a.m. Kanye needs a stronger support system, he needs to take some time to fall to the ground and start from scratch again. He’s so talented, but he’s his own worst enemy.’

His state of mind goes back a long way? I told you so!

Another source added: ‘He’s just exhausted. He’s been working around the clock on fashion design, both on his own line and the Adidas line. He’s a notorious workaholic, so balancing both that work — which is extremely important to him — and the rigors of the tour every night . . . really wore him out.’

There are millions of people who work very hard every day, I work hard, so I don’t buy this work exhaustion excuse, this is beyond this, Kanye West has some serious mental problems and let’s hope he gets the right professional help. In any case, Kanye West for president 2020 seems a long stretch now.



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