Kanye West Is Not A Free Thinker Because He Loves Trump

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After vanishing from media for a long time, Kanye West is back and his recent tweets have put Twitter on fire, mostly because of a photo of his ‘MAGA Hat’ signed by Donald Trump himself, and a long series of tweets praising the president, calling him his brother, saying they were ‘both dragon energy’… whatever this means… The storm of tweets that followed was similar to the size of West’s personality and hat: mega.

His wife Kim Kardashian stepped in with another series of tweets, defending him again the tsunami of name-calling and accusations, saying, among many other things, that her husband was a ‘free thinker’

Let’s ponder a minute, Kanye is a free thinker? Can we call Kanye a free thinker because he admires Donald Trump? According to any simple definition, a free thinker is ‘a person who forms opinions on the basis of reason, independent of authority or tradition’, and calling him a free thinker is truly laughable.

First of all, Kanye has never formed any opinion based on reason, as an African American and simply as a sensible human being caring for others as he always pretends to be, he has no reasonable arguments to love Trump. Racial tensions have never been so high, and African Americans are by far the group which has showed the greatest disapproval of the president (13% of job approval according to Gallup) among all other groups, and this for good reasons. This is a man who is known for making racist comments and even if you don’t agree with opinion pieces you can read here and there, there are some solid facts that Trump can’t erase, starting from his real-estate company avoiding renting apartments to African-Americans in the 1970s and gaving preferential treatment to whites. If you still want to be reminded about Trump’s opinions about non-white people, this NY Times article, an excellent and hair-rising compilation, will give you a good idea.

So there’s no reason to admire Trump, a man whose opinion on anything (crime, rape, work ethic, you name it) is full of prejudices. The only reason Kanye loves Donald is because their personalities are very similar and they are both extremely sensible to flattery, and Trump thanking Kanye on Twitter was probably the ultimate form of flattery.

As for independent thinking, free of authority or tradition, can we remind Kim K. that Donald embodies authority and tradition? And admiring him is basically kissing authority’s ass, as his team is crawling with corporate lobbyists and conservative politicians. He has surrounded himself with Republican politicians and corporate plutocrats (not much different from who you’d find in any Republican administration), and I challenge you to name one guy in his team who is an outside-the-box thinker! You won’t find one, including Trump of course, and none of them are working for little people that’s a given. So there is nothing anti-establishment about loving Trump, it just reflects Kanye’s social privileged status, plus, with a current 40.5 % approval (which is surprisingly not very different from the approval of past presidents) following Trump is not representing any originality of thinking. For people who don’t know Kanye West, it may be surprising that he is praising Donald Trump because black artists are general democrats , but they actually have been friends forever so it’s not so surprising, plus he is still following a group, a large group, and the most monolithic group of people of our society.

So Kanye can cover his mega head with his mega hat, I am not impressed by his alleged ‘free thinking’. Kim Kardashian’s tweets remind me a conversation I once had with a Jehovah’s witness about evolution, she thought she was the one with the revolutionary ideas and thinking ahead of her time, whereas she was talking about archaic concepts from the middle age. Kanye is not a free thinker because he is one of the few artists supporting Trump, they are just reciprocally fueling their mega egos. But these people are so delusional about themselves, they can’t even take a step and simply think (far from free thinking) a little bit.

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2 Responses to “Kanye West Is Not A Free Thinker Because He Loves Trump”

  1. Jaime

    Kanye West is a Free Thinker to speak freely not control by Social Condition or Politic. Kanye is Breaking the Simulation Victim Artificial Mentality that politicians continue creating to keep black poor.

    The best thing about the past is that it’s over. The best thing about the future is that it’s yet to come. The best thing about the present is that it’s here now. ~Richard Bandler

    • admin

      Jaime -I happen to agree with you, West is the best pop perform of the 2010s… I have been considering wrotying about it myself but haven’t gotten to it yet – IL


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