Kanye West Is Not Planning To Cover David Bowie After All

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The blogosphere and the entire web reacted violently at the news that Kanye West wanted to record an entire album of David Bowie’s covers… it seemed to be a serious news, after all, The Guardian and many other publications had written an entire article about it, followed by hundreds even thousands of comments, protesting at the idea to hear Yeezus reinterpreting Ziggy Stardust. ‘Maybe Kanye isn’t as talented as Bowie. Maybe his legacy won’t be as great. But he is the only mainstream star today taking the same kind of risks,’ wrote Joe Muggs in the Guardian, which enraged many people as you can figure out, as Kanye West is not everyone’s fav to say the least. Muggs explains, ‘After all, he makes himself very easy to dislike – just as Bowie made it extremely easy for terrified parents and uptight bores to dislike him in his creative heyday.’ However, I don’t honestly think the comparison was appropriate, because I don’t know any parent terrified by West, he is just so… laughable sometimes.

Someone named Peter Piranha immediately started a petition to stop the massacre…. ‘It would be a sacrilege to let it be ruined by Kanye West’ states the petition. And I don’t blame him, everyone remembers West’s disastrous attempt to cover Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody!

The announcement of Kanye covering Bowie looked so opportunistic to me, especially because I have no memory of Kanye mentioning even once the Thin White Duke before… and prove me wrong! If you look at Kanye’s tweet feed, you will see tweets like ‘My idol’ with a video of Steve Jobs just a day before Bowie’s death… but nothing about Bowie until he was dead.

In any case, it turns out all this may have been a complete charade and a false rumor: TMZ reports that a rep for West has told them it was compete BS: ‘Our sources say the rapper is still hard at work on an album … of his own material, sans Ziggy Stardust ’16’.  What? All these articles, all these thousands of outraged comments for nothing?

So be reassured Kanye-West-haters, the world is safe again, Bowie is now a god and Kanye can go back selling his Adidas boots.

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