Kanye West Reportedly Spending Millions On Gold Toilets And Beds For Kings To Decorate His New Mansion

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Of course, people have the right to decorate their house the way they want but it doesn’t mean we haven’t the right to criticize their choices, right? Plus, my judgment has no limit when people choose to literally sit on gold to take a shit! Kanye West may call himself Yeezus or God, but in fact he totally believes he is a king. LA Curbed and the Daily Mail are reporting that West and his girlfriend Kim are planning to spend $18 million to decorate the interior of their new Bel Air Mansion, which only cost them $11 million!

How can you do that? Just install a million dollar security system, 4 gold-plated toilets (yes gold, isn’t it the kind of stuff that dictators like Saddam Hussein love?), 6 special-edition Savoir Royal State Beds, some unique beds which take ‘hundreds of hours to create from a unique combination of cashmere, carded Virgin lamb’s wool and Mongolian horse hair laid over hand tied, star-lashed springs’! Add to this some ‘gold silk, used to create iconic Hermes ties’, for the bed, the headboard and the canopy, a unique coat of arms specially created for Kim and Kayne, and you will get a final cost of $200,000 per bed. According to the Daily Mail, only 60 of these were made in honor of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee, which confirms what I said above… when you look at the bed, you realize this is the kind of stuff you see when you visit old castles in Europe, and they are ugly.

Then you have the ‘Swarovski-crystal-encrusted fridge freezer’, almost ‘$1 million worth of Electrolux appliances’, a hair and makeup salon, a bowling alley, indoor and outdoor pool, basketball court, movie theatre, a nursery under high surveillance and a custom gym. Err, hurry up with his damn massage and croissants, trying to stack these millions or spend these millions?

Tacky, decadent, ostentatious, flashy, disgusting and plain ridiculous, but totally predictable from these two. Remember when West made an appearance during the Concert for Hurricane Relief and criticized Bush for lacking sympathy for African Americans? He has no place in any humanitarian stuff anymore (anyway his charity is a joke according to several articles), and he certainly has no place at Occupy Wall Street to protest about greed when he embraces wealth and luxury to such extremes!


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