Kanye West Shares The Trailer For His Video Game ‘Only One’

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After a long wait, Kanye West has finally released the official trailer for ‘Only One’ the video game dedicated to his mother Donda who died in 2007. You are not going to learn much from these 40 seconds of kitschy imagery, just pink clouds, a rapture kind of thing with angels and Pegasus, but no explanation at all! What is this game about? How do you play it? How will it work in this cartoonish environment?

The game is said to be centered around Donda’s entrance into heaven’s gates. Back in February, Kanye West surprised everyone during his release party/fashion show for his album ‘Life of Pablo’ at Madison Square Garden, when he announced that he was working on a video game called ‘Only One’, about his mother ‘traveling through the gates of heaven.’ In a few words, Super Mario goes to heaven.

I know close to nothing about video games but it seems to me that the goal of each game is to mark points, and for this, you often have to shoot something or escape some kind of danger, or find something… and since we are in heaven here, or close to heaven, I can’t even imagine what kind of story line, what kind of challenge the developers have come up with… Find North West and Kim behind one of these orange purple clouds? Find Steve Jobs on Pegasus? Picasso? Stanley Kubrick? Walt Disney? or other successful dead white men who are Kanye’s personal obsessions? Each one will you make win 10,000 steps toward heaven. Then, since you always have to kill something or someone at one point in a video game, I wonder at what bonus level we can kill Kanye? Or kill God? Which would be the same thing of course.

Whatever the accomplishment you will have to achieve to make Donda get her angel wings and arrive safely in heaven on her white flying horse, I hope that Taylor Swift makes an apparition as the villain, because any good story needs a great villain, right? Then if you reach level 7 (it makes sense since ‘Yeezus’ is Kanye’s 7th album), you get a Beck bonus and you are saved. I could go on.


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