Kanye West Would Have Voted For Trump

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If you were close to your computer or iPhone today, you probably know about Kanye West’s enthusiastic endorsement of Trump in the middle of his concert in San Jose on Thursday. During one of his endless rants, he declared at the top of his floating stage, ‘I didn’t vote but if I had I would have voted Trump’.

Let’s ponder this for a minute or two, I have stopped trying to make sense of anything Kanye West says, a long time ago, but since he is a very public figure who has a big impact on a lot of people, this deserves our attention… how did Kanye go from ‘George Bush doesn’t care about black people’ in 2005 to ‘I would have voted for Trump’ in 2016? Especially once we know that Trump has appointed a few white supremacists at high positions of his cabinet, someone like alt-right media king Bannon is now senior counselor, whereas Jeff Sessions is attorney general, despite the fact that he was blocked by the Senate in the 80s when he was considered for a Ronald Reagan-appointed federal district judgeship in Alabama, because of racially insensitive statements. When black America is alarmed by what is happening, rapper Kanye supports the unthinkable, and brings his support to racist America. Why? It may be too easy to brush away the event with a ‘Kanye is insane’ explanation. I do think he is insane, but in a more complicated way than just pure insanity.

First, it is very easy to be on the winner’s side once we have the results… why didn’t Kanye speak up about Trump when he was running? Kanye is an opportunist, this declaration proves it one more time, and his opportunism will never stop to amaze me.

He is also a sensationalist who is ready to say anything to make people speak about him, and his Saint Pablo tour, that’s a fact, as he would say, although he doesn’t know much about facts himself… didn’t he say once that ‘feelings are the only facts’? He was talking about his own feelings of course. So in our post-facts society, Kanye is another king who can rant for 30 minutes about politics without making any sense, and everyone is listening, although a lot of people in his audience booed him last night,… In Trump America, Kanye looks as narcissistic as his orange counterpart, as self-centered and insensitive as our sad clown president.

And when Kanye says he liked Trump’s campaign and methods, it makes him look even more stupid and out of touch with reality.

‘There’s methods, nonpolitical methods to speaking, that I like, that I feel were very futuristic,’ he also said. ‘That style and method of communication has proven that it can be a politically correct way of communication. And I f— with that.’

Being politically incorrect doesn’t mean insulting and offending everyone, and in particular the weakest members of our society! Being politically incorrect is brave and admirable when it attacks power, status-quo and establishment, not handicapped people, women and minorities as Trump has repeatedly been doing it.

During the all-over-the-place rant, Kanye also asked black people to ‘stop focusing on racism’: ‘[Voting for Trump] don’t mean that I don’t think that black lives matter; that don’t mean I don’t believe in women’s rights; that don’t mean that I don’t believe in gay marriage,’ he continued, ‘This world is racist, OK? Let’s stop being distracted to focus on that as much. It’s just a fucking fact: We are a racist fucking country, period.’

If this makes any sense to you, please help me, we should stop focus on racism and what? it would go away? Kanye would have voted for a guy who is bringing back ideas reminiscent of the Third Reich like mass deportation and is making David Duke dance in the streets but black lives matter? but we should stop focusing on racism? Kanye is apparently now a man who is ready to overlook all the racist, anti-semite, homophobic and misogynistic literature published by Bannon’s Breitbart.

I believe Kanye is only on Trump’s side because he won, he would not even be mentioning his support to Trump if he had lost the election, he didn’t even bother to vote for him! Because at the end it’s all about him, the only subject that matters to Kanye, He, Him and Himself. ‘Aw, man, that just means anybody can win,’ he said at one point of this endless talk, and you know what this means? The idiot wants, of course, to run for president in 2020, he thinks it’s possible because Trump has succeeded. Despite all his grandiose discourse about race and humanity, which never makes any sense, Kanye is always thinking about his own interest, he lacks the empathy box, he only likes Trump because Trump’s victory could be his in 4 years. One thing is sure, if he really runs, the media will go on a circus frenzy and will have a field day with all these nude Kim pics, and this is gonna be crazy…. but wait, we have just been through this!

‘If people are racist and they feel more inspired to say how they feel, then they’re exposing themselves, bro,’ he also said, ‘This is what I’m saying. It’s already the beginning of change. Sometimes things that you might think are bad need to happen, in order for change to fucking happen.

Kanye doesn’t understand a thing, Trump’s presidency was not about racists exposing themselves, it’s about racists being part of our government right now, there’s no beginning of change, we jumped back to the dark ages… and if there is any of this ‘George Bush doesn’t care about black people’ conscience left in him, he should be ashamed of himself.

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