Kanye West’s “The Life Of Pablo” Available On Spotify And Apple Music Tomorrow

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Thursday 31st March 2016 by Sam Meaghan, Reposted From Gigwise (here)

There’s been another twist in the tale of Kanye West’s new album, Life Of Pablo. The rapper previously promised that his album would only be on Tidal and it would ‘never never never be on Apple’. But in great Kanye fashion, it would appear that the album is going to be on Apple.

Kanye’s seventh album was released exclusively on Tidal in February, but having made his promise about the exclusivity, tracks from the album, ‘Famous’ and ‘I Love Kanye’ appeared on Spotify.

Mashable are now reporting that the album is due to drop in full on the other services on Friday (1 April). It is due to be available via the services, Apple Music, Google Play, Rhapsody and Spotify. Yet Friday 1 April being the date of April Fools Day some commentators are saying that Kanye could just be having us all on.
The artist is believed to have actually added new parts to songs since its release on Tidal. For example, he has added the lyrics ‘No one can judge’ to Chance The Rapper’s verse, and backing vocals to ‘FML’.

Pitchfork has also reported that fans who bought the album from the streaming platform, Tidal, when it was released, will now be able to have a copy to themselves. This comes after the album was previously taken off sale. Still, Tidal managed to gain 250 million viewers in 10 days.


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