Katy Perry Promotes Her New Single With Headphone-Ready Disco Balls

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Katy Perry is no stranger to publicity stunts, didn’t she use a giant gold truck to promote her new album ‘Prism’ in 2013? It was parked on Hollywood boulevard for some time and impossible to ignore. Today, she used another trick, a bit less ostentatious but efficient nevertheless.

To promote her latest single, ‘Chained to the Rhythm’, she has planted a series of disco balls in 21 major cities including New York, Mexico City, London, Sydney and Los Angeles…. And if you were hiking in Griffith Park today, you may have stumbled on it, inside La La Land territory, just in font of the observatory. You could plug your headphones into the ball and listen to the new track, but too bad for you LA fans, it seems that the giant ball, which was chained to a park bench, has already been removed by park rangers according to this video below… no need to run to the park after work! It was a good photo for the day and I wonder how many people were able to listen to the single.

In case you are really desperate to listen to the song before its release, you can always go to Katy Perry’s website to get some clues about the locations of the other balls, but you have to be ready to travel a lot. ‘I flew to LA from MT just so I could listen to ‪@katyperry‘s new single before all my fraaands’ wrote someone on Twitter. And that’s commitment.

However, you can be reassured, there is apparently another disco ball outside of the Capitol Records Building and this one will be hard to cut.

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