Katy Perry’s ‘The One that Got Away’ reworked by Jon Brion

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I have to be honest, I would have never talked about this, not even known that  the song existed if I hadn’t seen Jon Brion’s name associated with it. 

Brion has just produced an acoustic version of Katy Perry’s ‘The One that Got Away’,a title she probably can experience more than ever since her recent divorce. 

Anyway, Jon Brion can bring all the delicate acoustic guitar she wants, strip down the song as much as he can (the guy can do miracle), I still find Perry’s bluesy and crying voice forced and annoying. Poor girl, it must be her firework-firing boobs, her deer-in-the-headlights-wide-eyed sight, her false Christian modesty disguised under her pin-up’s retro bathing suits, she actually bores me very fast. 

The song, off her 2010 ‘Teenage Dream’ album, was already released as a single before, and was the 7th song of the album to reach the charts, so how long is she going to milk this one?


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