Kendra Foster Is A Must See At Lincoln Center Out of Doors

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“Kendra Foster — longtime member of the P-Funk family and cowriter of eight songs on D’Angelo’s Grammy Award–winning 2014 album Black Messiah — is performing at Hearst Plaza on Aug 11 as part of Lincoln Center Out of Doors. Foster has recently stepped into the spotlight as a powerful solo artist in her own right, bringing together jazz, funk, soul, R&B, hip-hop, rock, and electronica with her smoky vocals, jazz-cut melodies, and high-end, neo-soul production.” It says here, but whatever your feelings about Black Messiah might be, one thing is undeniable, “Really Love” is a great song and her eponymous solo album from 2016 is the definition of new r&b -all cool heat.

I’d be really interested to see how Kendra pulls off her sound in a live setting, she has so much heat in her attitude you get the same of a budding superstar and on stage we might get an even better idea of it, the bass player will tell us the story, but anybody who worked with Clinton should be excellent.

The big hit here is “Promise To Stay Here,” which broke through r&b but not pop, but everything she does shimmers, she’s like Solange but with a more straightforward attack and obviously part of the entire new r&b scene but with one foot in the past. It is a golden age for women in r&b and soul and Kendra is more than ready to take her place.




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