Kid Rock And The $20 Ticket

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Say what you will about Kid Rock, and I haven't much cared for him since "All Summer Long", two things are undeniable: he can bring it live and he has the convictions of a born businessman good guy.

On Kid Rocks summer tour this year he is charging a fee of $20 per ticket acroos the board. The price of a 3D movie. To see Rock and guess which will include Kool And The Gang, ZZ Top and Uncle Kracker on seletc dates. For TWENTY BUCKS.

As well as discounted eats and beer.

To pay for it, Rock will take a pay cut at certain venues but if it works it will change touring to the benefit of the audience. Rock said: "It's always going to come down to price, but I think it's more the service charges, the fees, getting in there and not knowing what beers will cost, what they'll hit you for parking. Every little thing they nickel and dime you, and it's not just music, it's sports, it's going to the movies. Artists demand so much money, and you have to set ticket prices at a certain level. Everyone's fighting the system, and it's really been all of our faults. We're all fortunate to make as much money as we do, and I can surely take a pay cut and help out in these hard times."

 "If people show up, I'll get paid on that, and we'll become partners: partners on beer, partners on parking, partners on my T-shirts, partners on everything, and we'll take the money and split it at the end of the night. And we pass those savings on to our fans, which is what we really need to be thinking about. Even if the volume comes out, we're going to make less money, but I've got enough money to where it's not going to kill my lifestyle. And who doesn't want to play to a packed house every night?"

This is all very sound business, even if it means a cut for Kid Rock, it is still sound business. The good will Rock will generates,  I myself feel very kindly for him. So much so I forgive him his Romney endorsement even though I haven't forgiven Springsteen his Obama endorsement. This is capitalism with a conscious, capital that appreciates that you can price yourself out of the business with $150 tickets for mid-level seating.




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